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Renewal Steps
Current Step 1. Info About The Student
Not Visited Step 2. The Student's Status
Not Visited Step 3. Student's Finances
Not Visited Step 4. Parents' Info
Not Visited Step 5. Schools To Receive Results
Not Visited Step 6. Review FAFSA Info
Not Visited Step 7. Signatures
Not Visited Step 8. Submit Student's FAFSA
Not Visited Step 9. Finish
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The following questions are not numbered and are not asked exactly in the same order as they are on the paper FAFSA. For your convenience, we have included the paper FAFSA question numbers in parenthesis for each question. You can use this information to find the corresponding question on the paper FAFSA.

Only use letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), periods (.), commas
(,), apostrophes ('), dashes (-), number symbols (#),
at symbols (@), percent symbols (%), ampersands (&),
slashes (/), or blanks (spaces). No other characters
are allowed. Use street address abbreviations such as
APT (apartment) or AVE (avenue) if the address extends
beyond the space provided.
Student's Social Security Number (question 8):
(Data can not be entered in this field.)
Student's date of birth (question 9):
(Data can not be entered in this field.)
Please give the student's telephone area code first.
Enter the numbers, without parentheses and dashes. For
example, 2025551212.
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