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Here's Some Bold Text for the Title.

Any lettering can blink, be italicized, or be written in any imagineable color - even links, but your PC settings may thwart my hard work.

Though exotic fonts (styles of lettering) would be beautiful, browser settings will usually reset these as a rule, even if you do have them downloaded on your PC. Because small amounts of calligraphy will not slow down a website, every letter in a header may be individually dowloaded as pictures and placed sequencially in order to form complete words.

Our Current Selection:


Need more money

Bad memory

Foot Hurts

Neighbors dog won't quit barking.

Better work than BigLots?

If I could direct your attention to the blue bar at the top of your screen, you'll notice that I could put anything I want in there. Furthermore, I can display text in the gray portion of the bottom, or make it move in any way through any area of the page.

Please pardon the insensitivity of some this filler information. The wording, color scheme, and images would be of your own, or at least, you would be allowed to view it all first. Ordinarily, subtelty provides an air of proffesionalty, but I have selected contrasting colors for my example. Your artistic inclinations are no problem to accomodate.

If you would like to use any element of a webpage you visit, just Email me a link to it!

Photos are simple to install, in any measurement you like.

Also possible, are a broad array of moving images with music, but this is generally considered to be inappropriate as it is annoying to some. Music is more of a gray area so long as it is very low in the background.

It is even possible for the links to make a noise when they are clicked.

Buy Yourself a piece of the Tao the form of an Ebook

Click on the name of your ailment in the border to learn exercizes which help it for a nominal fee.

If it's not listed, drop us a line, and we'll see what we can do

Please give us enough money to leave BigLots.

The table will expand more for every word I write, but I will have to triple check my spelling constantly.