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Ever After
Wednesday, 10 September 2003
maybe baby...
my period is three days late, and shows no signs of appearing anytime soon. russ and i aren't sure how to react- we would love a child to pieces, it just seems so sudden. we were only married just over a month ago, and wow! how crazy would it be to become parents within the first year of marriage?!

life as we know it is great right now. i know a baby could make it even better. of course, more hectic and stressful, but really, what part of life isn't? i think we're ready.

my mind is in a zillion places at each moment. i wash back and forth between doodling baby names on my school papers and checking for my period to come every five minutes. but my heart is a baby advocate, and i would love nothing more than to become a mother as soon as God allows.

beyond all this, i've started school again. college is all well and good, but it's not always what i want for myself. i told russ i'd be more than happy to stay at home and parent for years and years, but he doesn't seem to be satisfied with that. not that he wants me to work full-time or even work at all, but he does wish education for me, and i suppose i feel the same way. i just wish there were easier ways to go about it, rather than waking up early to attend lectures on topics i'm not quite sure hold relevance for daily living.

right now i'm in a shopping mood. whenever my mind is in chaos, shopping pops into my head as the first remedy. sooo dangerous! my feet are itching to head towards downtown and go maternity shopping of all things. maybe scrapbook stuff...maybe just to look at baby things...i really ought to stop thinking about it, or i'm going to be crushed when aunt flo drops by in her own sweet time.

that's it. i'm going to the craft store.

Posted by blog/russnrandi at 1:59 PM PDT
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