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Bobs World

This was a joint project with an illustrator, the brief was to produce a
Mapping system for the university that would help new students get a feel for
the university before they visited.

The Illustrator and I chose to create a game where you would take control of a
Character and guide him around the university. The character was based on me and
the aim of the game was to help me complete my design research and get home in time for the Simpson’s TV show.

The game is a top down point and click adventure, where you can meet and interact with some of the staff of the university as they give you help and advice about the campus.

This Demo features the library but the full game would include more rooms and charters to meet and talk to. Enjoy…

Technical information
Game played with flash player

Software used
Flash MX
Freehand 9
Photoshop 7

Swf file size 1.28 MB (online game would be played universities web site.)

Graphic Designer Robin Marks
Software Programmer Robin marks
Illustration and main character animation Tom Walker