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Clifford in Aztec world

This game was a solo project, It was one of the last briefs of my university BA course and I had free rein over the projects parameters and target audience.

With the ever increasing use of computers in schools at an early age it is becoming more important for young children to increase their proficiency using a computer interface.

My goal was to design an interactive game that would prove fun and enjoyable but have a primary focus of increasing the player’s key board and mouse skills along with a child’s spelling reading and mat skills.

I chose to tell a story of a main character that would excite and intrigue the young player to interact with the computer (using spelling reading and math skills) to help him complete his story.

The character was based on a crocodile the visited different periods of time (worlds) each world would be a separate game that would cater froe different age groups and different levels of spelling reading and math. The firs game is called Clifford in Aztec world, this game is aimed at primary school student.

The character is called Clifford the Crocodile in this demo you can see his attire is one of an adventure, in each preceding world he would don different clots to adapt to the individual climate e.g. a space suite for outer space, a cowboy suite for the Wild West and so on…

This demo is the first part of what would be Clifford in Aztec world, it utilizes the key board and the spelling of the word Aztec to complete the first chapter of the game,
Have a play and see what you think enjoy!…

Technical information

Game played with flash player

Software used

Flash MX
Photoshop 7
Freehand 9

Swf file size 1.99 MB (not online game would be played from CD.)

Voice of Clifford the Crocodile Robin Marks
Voice of the Story teller Elizabeth Smith