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Okay, so I got tired of doing schemes after schemes of blogging at my old host, so now, I'll just settle for a simple blogspot place until I find my passion for typing html as a type of blog tool. So there. =p

The Questionaire!

Full Name: Cai Sihui
Birthdate: 27 April 1989
Birthplace: Singapore
Nicknames: hui, lisa, le yao freak, charmed freak
Screen names: lisa, ReKey, hui, sushi
Height: 1.62
Weight: Not telling!
Eye color: Black
Hair Color: dark brown
Shoe Size: 7-half. i think.
Toes: 10 ... what kinda question is it?
Fingers: See above
Teeth: never count them... 32? iv forgot all about the dental classes in primary school. heh.
Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous: ambidextrous means what? if it means both.. yeah. :p
Driver's License: nope...
Pets: No. sigh.
Tattoos: nah. not planning to have them.
Secrets: of course... *winks* who doesn't?
School: TGPS, NHSS
College/University: Not quite the age yet, yeah?
Are you friendly: erm... pretty much so?
Do you enjoy getting mail: of course.. just not spam mails.
What languages do you know: English, chinese.
What don't you understand: why people will do things to hurt other people they love... yeah... why there is even a 'me'... why no one likes the things i like, and must choose to argue with me over them.. they should just ignore it... :p
Who were you raised by: mum and dad...
Ever been a bully: erm. nope
Ever been bullied: probably.. but i don't take care of such things.
How mature are you: in real life, probably very matured.. i look at sides of things that other people don't.. *Shrug* not for me to base my stand on, really.
Been abused?: nope
Does anyone know the real you: no. i don't think so.
What gives you peace: no arguments. peace. soulful music
Are you living or just alive: Living
Where would you most like to travel to: somewhere that i can totally relax myself, eh?

Do you...
... have a boyfriend/girlfriend: nah.
... have a crush: er... yes.
... talk to your crush regularly: yesh. :D Jealous yet, eh? but he doesn't know i like him, so that's good...

Have you ever...
... been in true love: er, no.. :S
... loved someone which made you cry: yes...
... talked about someone: like, d'oh!
... said you'd email/write/call someone and never did: lotsa times.
... said "I love you" and didn't mean it: no...
Gay, straight, bi, queer, confused or none of these: Straight.
Do you believe in love at first sight: Lust at first sight? yesh. Love? no.


Who is your role model: Parents; and a certain someone whom i shall not name
Who knows you better than anyone: i guess my sister... and my mum.
Who is closest to your family: mum + sister tied on first...
Who do you talk to online but not at school/work: this bayern munich fan...
Have you ever lost a friend: yes..
Have you ever lost a family member: grand pa.
Do you trust others easily: very.


Do you...
... have a homepage: used to have; and unless you count this as one...
... have a pager: pagers are out of fashion, yo.
... have a cell phone: yeah.. don't use it often...

What is your most cherished possession? : my family.


Pepsi or Coca-Cola: pepsi
Cordless or Wire: cordless
Square or circle: circle
Rainy or sunny: neither. i prefer a cloudy day, with no sun, and cooling temperatures
Dark or bright: neither. i prefer something in between.
Left or right: right
Do you watch T/V or listen to radio more: TV more...

What is/are your:
... favourite tv shows: charmed, holland v, the vagrant, star search [esp. the 01 one.. :D]
... favourite food: er... i like cookies
... least favourite food: bitter thingers
... favourite colour: blue, white, black, grey
... least favourite color: erm. neon pink.
... favourite season: cloudy
... favourite holiday: every!
... least favourite holiday: none!
... favourite saying(s): Oy.. Come on...
... favourite time of day: sleeptime
... favourite shop: erm... nothing in particular.. just browse..
... favourite place to chill: everywhere where i can have peace, silence and preferbly aircon.
... favourite subject in school: English, Literature, PE
... least favourite subject in school: Chinese & Science. not because of the subject, but the teachers. =p
... favourite quote: "Hey, are you my conscience?" -- "Yeah, we haven't spoken for a while."
... favourite memory: lots... =)
... favourite shoes: my sandles!
... favourite stuffed animal: my lil bear.
... favourite Disney movie: Finding Nemo


Have you ever...
... walked in the rain : yeah.. happened to me last saturday. big rain; flashes of lightning, i was scared outta my wits!
... talked on phone all night: gah, no. im more of a sms or online person.
... stayed online all night: no...
... done drugs: medicine?
... drunk alcohol: hehe. the other time i was at a wedding, my mum gave me some XO to drink.
... gone a day w/out eating: yeah.
... thought about suicide: nope...
... made prank calls: i'm a nice kid.. :D
... slept all day: never had that privelage cos my mum will wake me up.
... killed someone : er.
... broken into someones house: :|
... been to a church: yeah. but im not a christian.
... been in a car accident: no...
... played a sport: like d'oh!
... deleted mail without reading it: definitely. :P i only read mail from people i know; or people with a real email address, not like, some advertising company or what

Do you read any magazines: 8 Days and I-Weekly faithfully. LIME occasionally.
Do you gossip: hehehehehehee... have you heard..? :p
Do you lie: sometimes. ;)
What's your dream job: something in the performing arts.. yeah.. or a journalist.

What would you do if...

... the sky were purple: admire the sky. unless, its like a bold purple. then i'll cringe.
... the world ended tomorrow: spend my time with my family, then confess all my sins.. hahaha...
... you had a million dollars: put it in the bank to earn another million ;) interest mah..

What is your...

... most embarrassing moment: i wouldn't tell you!
... most cherished moment: gah. no have.


Will there ever be world peace: no. don't think so. bush is a stubborn bull.
Should marijuana be legalised: no! then everyone'll be an addict and slogging.. eeeeeek!
Do you think that God has a plan for everyone: there's a plan for everyone; but ultimately its YOU who chooses to follow it or not.
Is masturbation gross: yeah. eeeek.
What do you think of sex: that i shouldn't have one before marriage. =p
Fate: Karma.. Yeah. :$
God: Yeah.. but its MY god.
Satan: Nope...
Horoscopes: Occasionally.
Yourself: Ignorant little girl who hasn't seen much of the world yet. Easily pissed and irritated. Stands up for her own right. Goes obsessed with every little thing. Will not hesitate to tell people straight in the face what she thinks. Likes pressing on the "Block" button if that person had pissed her off. Stubborn like nobody you can see. Is a "winker" on MSN chats.
What makes you laugh most: everything. :$
What makes you cry most: a touching moment.. hey, i cried thrice when i watched titanic thrice!
What do you love the most: acting.. writing.. singing...
What do you want to do before you die: appear on some production..
Do you want to be famous/what for: yesh. ;)

Do YoU Type LiKe ThIs: no! i hate it!
Would you rather be hot or cold: hot.
What is in your room: bed. table. lights. walls. windows. door.
Is your room clean: er...
What is on your desk: what desk? oh, you mean that pile of things there?
Do you have a nice stomach: no. boohoo
What do you think about in the shower: i think about... hey, which psycho think of things in the shower!?
How many rings before you answer the phone: depends on how far i am away from the phone lar, d'oh.

Number of...

... times I have been in love: eh, no in love yet can?
... times I have had my heart broken: erm.. of dissapointment?
... hearts I have broken: no idea.
... boys I have kissed in my life: *blinks*
... girls I have kissed: ...
... piercings: don't have...
... times my name has appeared in the newspaper: school newsletter counted? :D
... scars on my body: on my knee.
... things in my past that I regret: a lot of times. :|

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name: sihui
age: 14
class: 2/1
school: nhss

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