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unbeatable . deep thoughts. peace. bliss. quietness. simplicity.

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This section is all about me, the little girl who set up this website... :D Hehe... Have fun!

Sihui - Wow! There's a Me!

Ignorant little girl who hasn't seen much of the world yet. Easily pissed and irritated. Stands up for her own right. Goes obsessed with every little thing. Will not hesitate to tell people straight in the face what she thinks. Likes pressing on the "Block" button if that person had pissed her off. Stubborn like nobody you can see. Is a "winker" on MSN chats. 


Born 27th April. Is a Taurus. Loves Charmed, Holland V, Le Yao, Wensui, Vincent, Gilmore Girls, Roswell, Smallville, X-Men, Matrix, writing, RPGs, acting, singing, debating, dancing and talking. Is in the English Literary Drama and Debating Society in school, and loving it.

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bare necessities
name: sihui
age: 14
class: 2/1
school: nhss

charmed, le yao, smallville, gilmore girls, holland v, wensui ; liverpool, real madrid; likes writing, rpgs,acting, singing, debating, dancing, talking



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