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~*~ Thoughts Left To Wither ~*~

This is my simple, not quite finished site. I have many images of diferent things.Though, they are mostly of animes I like.Such as Inuyahsa,Clover,Trigun, Yu-yu-hakusho, And ect. But, sadly, I havent' figured out HOW to put these pic. on here. So all I have at the moment on this page is links, and three reasons why I like ( That was required to be on the site -.-;; ) But, I am slowly learning how to do things on and my site is geting better and better as time goes by. Though, I admit, it aggravates me alot. It's so confusing!!!! I'm starting to wonder if i should look for a place to put to put my webpage. Well, Enjoy the little I have so far!And you know any great free host sites, send me info at with the subject as FREE HOST SITE. ^-^ thank you!

My Favorite Web Sites

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My blog / check it out if you want. it not much though

My Favorite things about Angelfire.