My Rantings

You though you were messed up!

"Yeah, I'd break bread and wine, If there was a church I could receive in." - BONO Acrobat

Well my name isn't important to you ok. I work in one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. I deal with arrogant rude people all day and then go home late ever night. Rain snow or fucking Armageddon I have to get the fuck to work, so because I think blog's are gay I wanted a site to bitch and complain at I started this mess of corrupted HTML code. The job I do is Internet Tech support, the names in this are not changed and I do tell it as I see it and describe things as I feel them. Spelling is not my fucking concern! Am I fucked up? Probably but my job has defiantly added to my problem.


Well I am back at this again, Since the last time I filled you all in I was Kicked into the bastard called dial for 3 weeks then Dial left we killed it and MSN dial pulled out and left so for the 2 weeks untill MSN dsl left we played cards and chilled making easy money for hardly working. MSN DSL left not long after that kind of sad for the old schoolers but I was a new guy to the contract so I diddent give 2 fucks. So we went to training and I was learning the fine art of how not to fall asleep. When on a friday afternoon Just about to a free normal man 2 days away from 2 weeks off! That cocksucker loal walks in and says hey there is a contract comming back to the site. So were like Qwest? Comcast? Oh fuck no! it's MSN DIAL. The siclence in the room was painfull after the shock wore off that did loal starts. So here I fucking am fought through DSL christmas through the bad winter of DSL a volter for the MAC Q who Closed 2 Q's is now going in for 6 weeks of fucking dial. Grand Day one I wanted to Quit now I want to kill my self.


What a stupid cock sucker just stop it and try it the fuck again.


Fucken red that means that we are going to be bussy as fuck till at least 1 now god damn it. all I ever want to be doing is chilling and drinking ICE. Remindes me to try Pure Source Light this weekend. I think my outting to Kyles ge-ragee is going to cost me a fucking arm and a leg.


Buddy if you knew how much I don't give a fuck you would be sick. God damn it!


Fuck I wish I could get her, Why does she come over hear I just want to bang her. Really she isent that hot she isent the most phscaly attractive but she is damn well hot in my eyes. Ahh been working all night I have the fealing in my eyes that I have been up too long. I am getting that machine off to the new waterford bums tomorrow I hate having a machine so long looks bad for my skills.


Well she is probaly black from the dilect and the fucking basket ball game she had cranked in the fucken back ground. And she can't use the net but she is on the fucking thing and stupid enfough to get MSN what a fucking dink. Well not my money and not my tax dollars giving her wellfare but still I got to put up with it.


I will either be on the way home or on a long call, hope for the better of the two, but what can you do eh. I just watched chris leave with his Glace Bay ho in tow. You Got to wonder is he really luckey or just stupid. I fealt ill tonight when I had to tell a customer somthing that might have ticked them off. I hate this fucking word game, you knever know what to say these days I hear doom's day options for telling a customer just about anything. Scares me to look back on a call and see how and where things could have went bad. I want a new job but am almost happy hear.


What a Cock sucker eh, I just want to call this one a day and, I never knew todd was such a fucken red neck but you know he is a good fucken guy. So I was bussy tonight doing fuck all man I wish I could get laied but now I have a new system that is realiving my sexual tension... Well I think me and scott are getting more professional instead of a shitty opionin of me he is giving me a shread of respect theas days. arg..


Ya so the general taste for this evenening was me being horrny as hell. Wish I could get this taste out of my mouth, God I hate this woman, learn this fucken shit you brain dead twit. I am going to take a leak and not VTO beacuse fuck them I am getting my 9.75$


What a cock sucker All I want to do is get fucked I have to do somthing about this sexuall stress that I have I just know I am looking at stephne with that if I could fuck you would wouldent be able to feal you box when I was done look. I cannot help it, ya don;t get it regulary and you don't beat off and your just damn well ready to pop at a moments notice. A girl walks by and you give her that look like hey want to fuck? So I mean if guys get this fealling then jeasus girls must get this way too what do they do masturbate? they have to have to have the same problem and how can I tell if she want's it or not? Arg I got to get this under control either start smacking the meat more often or get a girl... It is driving me nuts.


Fucken fuck fuck, I hate trouble shooting other fucken problems then the fuckers get a different one I just invested time in her fucking Blinking link and now I have to do a fucking CPE what a cunt. Well it isent her fault but I get like this blame the fucker that there machine is doing what our company is making it do. And I need to piss like a race horse but what can you do. Man I am sick of this shit bitch tell me about your shit but I don't want to here it. Ahh all I want now is some pizza maybe beer but I am not in the mood for it and get a blow job.


Fuck I am really getting horny hear, I just want to sink it into her. I am sick of this touch and go I know there must be a girl out ther in my Class with an intrest in me. Or who will at least bang me.... I just want to let this stress and build up go and I have no where to do it at. I think I will ask her out again this weekend, hopefully be able to get to that second base, I am going to start it with a kiss on her cheek that will be for valitens day. Also I plan a line a questioning, as in what type of guy you looking for. arg I hope she bites, my turn to fish and I want to real in a big one.


Got to love it eh, oh well I love it's a fucken game, a fucken game. If it isent god damn K skiping school or me fucking around at work or ian being gay in one of his ways or fucken tobin it is somthing. Right now I would kill to cuddle with some nice warm girl witch brings me to the question There has to be one, I know she wanted to I think I turned her off but what can I do am not skilled at the game of love. But I still want her and I am going to try her again and get some more elgant sugestive questions. Hopefully she will bit and I will be kissing and groping her nice brests ummm. But most likely I will just end up giving my self a hand Job after she won't bite or I mis fire. That seams like it is the thing that happens between us, I think she want's me and I want her but when she baits I don't bite and when I am ready she isent fishing.


God I wonder what, and how is it so hard for people to handle the simplest tasks I wonder what would happen if I was like these people what would I be good at instead? math=never history=probaly never! so what would I be able to do if I couldent do computers farily well? fuck Pimp well I aint to good with the ladies so you got to wonder!


Well lunch is over and I just relized that hey I turned into what they said I would 6 months and guess what I really don't care nor want to help and much rather punt the fuckers first.


Well it's nearly lunch, If I was a reall man I would drive to cherise's and treat her like a woman... But I am not a real man I am a pussy and will problay never get in her. Funny thing is I am almost affraid to just ask or suggest for fear of her taking things the wrong way. But now I am at work waiting for a call and thinking that maybe some day some night hopfully on a hot humid summer night I will be making a treck to Reserve for a quickey between calls that would be nice.


Talk about fealing stupid, doubble click on the fucking thing eh. Just me I always look stupid in front of some one who I am trying to show I am capble and able infront of. And in this place bad news of someone spreds fast.


Ya so it isent that bad I seam to be back in the grove... Let's just hope the ass customers stay back for a day or two.


So last night I did it I said I wouldent, but I was there I was at the Vimy the fucking soap opera that never changes. I seen the same old same old in there again, but almost liked it and wasent doing to bad I have to say. I just hope I don't fall back to where I was...


Got to love it, I am in the Q will it be a fucking mac call or a retarded PC user or just the mix of all. What I would like is a cool 2X year old with 6 computers a mac coupple of PC's and a linux box on a D-link one a laptop with wirless noting set up it all sitting in boxes on the floor.I would kill for that.


Here we go again.....


The anxionty of being 3 min out from taking a call, jeasus I am getting sick three days off and first back is like I never did this job.I just pray that I get a customer I can handle and learn to drive this fucking bike again.


Fuck I have a lot of stuff to do, I am sick of it my days off are a frantic battle to get shit done and my days working are just a stressfull hell storm. Then last night I was just being a dick to poor ian I have no idea why I would try to elobrate with not basis in fact at all. Just wanted to be a dick and poor ian was the target, the type of thing that drives me nuts for days. Really what I wanted to say to him was not that he was a cut through, that I was sick of people around me always acting like there better or somthing more than me. Maybe it is just my sick problem always picking up the little things.


I know what I damn well said but it started working man give me a break I am not a compleat ass hole I just hate the fucker not despise him just hate. Plus I think he gave me a break, when he heard how much money I make an hour. Never thought I would get pitty from an american.


BUDDY I AM ABOUT TO FUCKING HANG UP THIS FUCKING PHONE COCK SUCKER! TELL ME SHIT I WILL NAIL YOU IF I EVER MEAT YOU FUCKER! Like buddy you called me fuck face not the other way around. Damn it lisen to me cock fuck and I will get you the fuck on line. What a cockey fuck just like all fucken mac users, I do not care what you want ass hole hear is what I care about 2:21AM in a few min I will be making tracks for sydney no questions asked fuck..... And your not holding that up you gay homo fuck.


Buddy you can fuck off ok, Do what the fuck I tell you and don't give me any fucking lip, it's 2:11AfuckenM hear and I don't need this shit. At 2:30AM on the fucking dot I am hanging up on this guy if he likes it or not.


Fucker I don't care if you did it 50 times tonight your doing the fucking thing again, airport what a fucker. Thinks he is a smart ass eh watch this I will ping to the modem it will fail and bang he is el fucking gonzo to Apple. Cock sucker


Will time ever god damn well pass, please I am tired and queasy and gasy and just want to go the fuck home, but not for another 30 min. So No more jumping the Q unless I get to at least 2:10 if I get there then fuck I am jumping or maybe I will just take a call from hesus the mexican sucess story. OR cleatus the Ozarks sucess story because he can read. Fuck I am sick of this shit watching other people call it a god damn night on friday. Wish that was me.....


Ya so I am chilling tonight just jumping the Q now hoping that the big call dosent come that will keep me hear till after 2:30 tell you the trouth I am sick of helping these fuckers for one day. If there not screwing you there fucking you or bitiching at you, sadly I can think of noting better than to get loaded tomorrow. Go life eh, I lisen to todd's plans on the weekend Get drunk, pick up a scank and watch the hockey game. Wow how would that go down hill for me, get buzzed or sick then give my self a hand job then probaly miss the hockey game. Great night that would be for me, well I guess I am just one of the ones that just don't have it.

What a fucker, I wish I knew how he could say that. Then I realized itís Chris. What a stupid fucker he treated her like shit knocked her up and now says he is going to kill his child with a hot coat hanger. What a sick stupid fucker, you have to wonder what is the reasoning for not using a condom, really? LIKE I havenít been lucky enough to make that choice yet but how hard is it to slide the rubber on. Jesus help us.

So hear I am again! I was at fucken lunch and the question popped up in my head, maybe I should say the hell with work and go have a drink. Maybe I should go have a beer and some wings with I am sure the million people that skipped work tonight. And there I was again, left right blue pill red pill and then it struck me that I was never going to make that choice. I was going to work, what the fuck. At one point of my life I would skip school in a second to go on a quest for a hubcap that Kyle was looking for but now I am trying to get somewhere in this world and made the choice without considering it. I am programmed plain and simple programmed.

My balls are itchy, to I scratch or do I wait untill I get out of hear that is the question of the next 1 min. God damn now my back is itchy now my head and leg and stomach. Fucken fuck, now I feal queasy and tired, now my leg is itchy again as is my side and I have that odd gasey fealing in my stomach. Fucken now a sick fealing followed by tired and itchy nose arg it never ends.

What is that question? I sit hear asking what the fuck is my question. How can I answere that fucking thing if I do not know what it is. Is it the events of the last few months or the events of the last few hours that are asking me this question. I think that the question is a few of my issues rolled into one and needs to be answered. Wish I could pick one to start with.

Well once again the question was answered for me, blue pill or never mind it's the blue pill thanks. I wish I could do somthing more spontainus or crazzy just somthing that would clear my head and make the question unanswered. 2:18 AM got to jump the Q I am not taking a call that close to the line, if 6 months has gotten me anything in this place please tell me it was the abilty to at least get away with jumping the Q once and a while. But the God damn bastards in interday will most likely keep count the cock suckers.

2:13 AM tell me one year ago that I would be sitting in a call center at 2:13 AM waiting for a rude american to call me I would lafugh and call you a cock sucker. But now here I am, in a call center waiting for that rude american to call and ask some stupid question of me. I have waited almost 15 min for a call now do I jump the Q take no calls for the rest of the night or do I take a call make it fast and call it a night. Or will I get stuck on that call and end up hear untill 3 or 3:30 AM this morning?

I have to wonder is it reall or not? Honestly I ask my self, as of late people are not acting the same around me that I would expect. Did I say somthing or act a way that has made everyone in the building and among my freinds see me in a different light. People that would react to me now do not, and I never see the people that I would expect to see usally. Humm?