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Download the file then unzip it with some unzipping program like winzip. Upload everything to your server and create a directory for the images in the image folder. Keep the link back to Blurry Visions where it is; this layout is free but requires a link back to Blurry Visions. Your text goes here. This area will expand so you can type as much as you wish and the border will not break. Links are above the text but in the lower portion of the html file. I also made two buttons (88x31) and a banner (200x40) as an extra bonus.


index.html [splash page]
index2.html [main page layout]
splash.gif [splash page image]
button1.gif [one of the buttons]
button2.gif [one of the buttons]
banner.gif [the banner]
image folder [holds the images for the main page layout]

If you need help with the layout or the html please e-mail Mystical Angel at


This layout was made by Blurry Visions
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