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Shout outs!

Stacey-Guess what? You told me to make a site, so here it is! hehe. Whats up?!? You know. I really don't know what to say. OOoooooooooooh, I know i saw that F on your history paper in your binder! tsk tsk stacey! lol! Anyways, Good luck with cheerleader try-outs!

Ani-*puncetacklehuggle* Hullo! How're ya?? Well what can i saw about the Amazing Ani (oooh good nickname hehe) well, Your an awesome rper and I love to rp w/ ya when i get the chance!

Alexi-All-Powerful Alexi hehe (im having fun with nicknames today :-P) well, your an excellent rper as well. i love ya to death!

Rachael-hmm I can't think of a nickname for you, oh well. How are you doin? I'll send some of Cody's stuff over for ya as soon as I can get it all organized. It's all still in boxes, i've been to lazy to unpack after the move. Anyway, I hope everything works out with you and David :) Tell Brett I said hi!