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Ze Characters

*-~Jess~-* Age-16

Status-no one. I screwed up my love life.

Info-Jess is a party animal. She loves to go out and have fun! Jess is a girl whos not afraid of hardly anything. She strong and independent most of the time. But its always good to have a friend by your side. Shes 16 years old and at her final year at hogwarts. She has brown hair and sparkling brown eyes. Shes about 5'4. Her hair falls to about her shoulders.



Status-Nope, I'm single

Info-Nathan is a sensitive, nice and very friendly guy and he loves to draw. He draws anything and everything. Thats his favorite pass time. He has so many pieces of parchment filled with picture, and hes great at it too. Hes a really smart kid with a heart of gold.




Info-Yvonne can be a b!tch. Her and Jess hardly ever get along. She is very pretty, but looks can be deciving. She has blonde hair and green eyes. Yvonne is different from the rest...she is a vampire. When she is in her vampire form, her eyes glow an orangeish-yellow color. she tries to keep herself from becoming a vamp, but sometimes, people just push her to it.

She is very strong for a 14 year old girl and never lets down a challenge.

Yvonne can be pretty nice, if your nice to her. She used to have a crush on nathan, but he got a girlfriend, now shes just jealous.


Status-I don't know girlfriend just died so...yeah

Info-Cody's 15 and has brown hair and brown eyes. Hes about 5'6 and is Jess's brother. Hes usually the protective one but ever since he came back...she been more protective of him.

In october, Cody was murdered. He died and everyone missed him, everyone loved him. But now, hes back. Everyones so happy to see him. He's back and seeking revenge on those who murdered him before. They will suffer..

Cody is a great guy. Hes sweet and caring. He cares more about anyone else then he does himself. But mostly...he cares about Rachael