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          Wow. Finally. Guess who's back? Back again? Brandi's back. Ohh, yeah, damn straight! Back to corrupt a godforsaken world, hell yeah! And you guys thought me not valiant and honorable enough to complete my life mission? Well, gee, thanks for the faith. Hmph.
          Anywho, on to other news. I'm currently nursing The Migraine From Hell. I swear it, man, this is one mother of a headache. Yeesh.
          And call me psychic, because I just know you're desperately wanting to know what could be done most humbly to make me feel better, right? ;) Sure you are. Well, anticipate no longer! I will indulge you.
          Ahem, anyway. You're probably desperately wanting to know what could be done most humbly to make me feel better, right? Sure you are. Well, anticipate no longer! I will indulge you.
          I'm thinking that a gorgeous blonde Lórien Elf might just do the trick. Ahh, no, wait, better yet. A gorgeous blonde Lórien elf wearing nothing but a little pout and an underpants-leaf. And also, of course, carrying a two-liter bottle of that crazy new Sprite Tropical Remix that I'm absolutely addicted to in one hand, and a bag of Salsa Doritos in the other. Ohhh, yes, that'd be niiiccee... *blinks rapidly* Okay, sorry about that. Got a little caught up in my fantasy there. Scandalized? Sorry, babe, I might have warned you that my fantasies are a bit, er, unconvential. Fuzzy pink handcuffs and leather whips just don't do it for me. I just need an Elf and food. Very low-maintainance, am I.
          Well, to the more obvious point, I put up a new layout. Hope you like it, but if not, then it kinda sucks to be you, because it's not coming down for awhile. I'm stuck in a (hopefully very temporary) creativity rut, and this whole page-making thing is easier said than done. Blech.
          Oh, yeah, and if you don't go check out (*cough* and join *cough*) the Legolas fanlisting that me and my lurvely hostess Sarah have so cleverly created, Sharpshooter, I will personally uproot a tree and beat you senseless with it. Don't believe me? Try me, precious.
          Is it just me, or did I sound like Gollum just then? Yeesh. The prospect of turning into a small slimy green creature just doesn't appeal to me at the moment.
          Whoa, this is turning out to be one long-ass blog. Jeez. Didn't expect that. One I get going, man, I just go forever, don't I? Kinda like the Energizer bunny...or like Austin Powers. LOL.
          Okay, well, I'll sum this up real quick here. If you're still with me, you either a) must be used to my incessant rambling, b) have learned how to skim boring material for the good stuff with amazing speed, or c) have the patience of a saint.
          In any case, I'm happy you're still here. One less person I caused to wilt from sheer and agonizing boredom.
          Speaking of sheer and agonizing boredom, it's been a really long day, so I'm going to finish this off here quickly, as promised. Enjoy perusing through the site at your leisure, I'm working on more content pages in the meanwhile, and thanks for stopping by! Later, gators! XOXOBrandi


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Chatting With: No one. Nobody is online at the moment. *pouts* Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I'll go eat worms. Oooh, gummi worms...*suffers from longing and desire that for once have nothing to do with lithe blonde Elves*
Thinking: I love weekends...
Wishing For: Legolas (Duh.)
Doing: ...Existing...? Oh, yeah, let's mix it up a bit by my admittance that every so often, when the urge strikes me, I breathe, too. Pretty wild, eh?

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