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poetic justicez thoughtz

hey wassupz y'all. been pretty busy, but ill update this page whenever i can. until i do, ill just pretty much be postin poemz n song lyrix on this page. well, keep it real everyone. one.


As every drop of rain falls from the sky,
So does a teardrop from my eye,
I look out of my window, into the night,
And gaze at the stars, so shiny, so bright,
Every star twinkles to a different tune,
But they all sing for only the moon,
That’s just the way you are to me,
You are that moon that I see,
The stars are the many chasing after you,
And I am that star without a clue,
The one that twinkles to another beat,
Wishing someday that we would meet,
But the big blue sky is endless,
And the possibility is hopeless,
There are one too many stars to achieve,
And once I do win, you would still leave,
Because you are afraid of an everlasting love,
So there you will stay forever, above,
Away from my grasp, away from my touch,
Away from someone who loves you this much…