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Yay go me i did it i finally made it working website, the only problem is i need to make more pages and it always takes so long. bleh. oh well. atleast ive got this much XD goooooo me! im just doing this so that i can see how it will scroll, i need to talk and talk and talk... maybe later i should switch to iframes.. this way is harder too do. i think iframes is way easier. but then again people always get stuck in frames and that really makes me mad when i do, meh i think ill stick with this for now, and if i do change the layout it wont be tell a long time. hopefully after i get my domain name. which im hoping will be after i finish the site. adding all the pages and such, not that im not gonna add anymore after that, i will for sure. but just the main pages like tutorials and graphics and stuff that people will actualy use.. im gonna add more for sure yepp yepp i wonder if i have written enough yet *checks* ah yes i have XD im so good *does happy dance*