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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Scamorama people have published a new book! It's called "Scamorama: Turning the Tables on Email Scammers". It's now available at your local bookstore, in the "True Crime" section. I highly recommend its purchase!

Thank you for visiting my Nigerian scambaiting website! This was established on 4 December 2005 so that my friends and relatives could track my Nigerian scambaits from afar, without my having to email them everyday.

Scambaiting is that practice of writing back to Nigerian scam artists (who we call "lads" or "mugus") who are out to defraud victims. These scams are called "Advance Fee Fraud" or "419 Fraud". The "419" refers to that section of the Nigerian Penal Code the prohibits these types of schemes.

This type of scam is not limited to Nigeria. Although many of these scam emails are traceable to internet cafes in Lagos, these types of scam artists also operate out of South Africa, Ghana, Togo, Holland, and England. There are several types of scam letters....the over-invoiced oil contract, the foreigner killed in an auto accident, the person dying of esophagal cancer who has money to leave behind, and lately I've been seeing a lot of the lottery scam letters. All letters promise millions of dollars, but all will involve the advance payment of "fees", "taxes", "clearing certificates", and the like. Secondary purposes of these scams involve identity theft.

In 2003, I became aware of a community of "scambaiters", who would write these guys back, in order to waste their time, draw upon their resources, string them along, and have fun at their expense. After some extensive research into this, I decided to become one of them.

I have since decided to set up this website to archive my activities. Its primary purpose was to allow a convenient means for my friends and relatives and other interested parties to follow along with my baits as they progress. I am now realizing that several secondary purposes can be achieved.....which are educating the public about these criminals, and to heighten awareness about 419 fraud. If the existence of this website prevents just one person from falling into the 419 trap, then putting this together will have been worth it, even if my friends and relatives don't ever come here to visit the site.

As of this writing, I know that the site ain't pretty, and that it doesn't have lots of bells and whistles that are gonna make you go OOOOH! and AHHHH! I'm busy learing HTML off on the side, and until I learn these neat tricks what you see is what you will have to put up with. Patience, Grasshopper, things will get better and improve with age!

In the meantime, please check out the pages that show off some of the "trophy photos" that I've collected, the fake documents that they've sent me, and the neat links to check out. Keep in mind that I'm maintaining other websites to document my other side projects, so if things stay the same for a week or so, well, that's just how it is. I do try to frequently update the "Almost Daily Scambaiting Journal", and the active baits themselves as they progress.

I've broken up the links into sections, where you can learn more about scambaiting, and you can read the baits themselves. I'll do what I can to keep them entertaining, and the reader on the edge of his or her seat. Enjoy!

One final word.....this website is free-hosted, so I am not soliciting donations to keep this going. If you enjoyed your visit here, please do one or both of the following: tell your friends about it, so that they may come here too, and click on one of the banner ads on your way out....clicking on the ads generates revenue for Angelfire, and will be relevant to the topics contained herein. That's all I'm going to ask you to do. Fair enough?


What types of email do these scam artists use?
Some funny letters that were actually received!
So You Want to be a Scambaiter.....
A Glossary of Terms used in scambaiting
Some other links to check out


My trophy photo collection!
Some phony identification documents!


As of this writing, 2/15/07, I am very busy engaging in "Company Representative" scambaits. These do not lend themselves to publishing because

(a) They are straight baits
(b) These baits use private dropboxes, the locations of which are STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.
(c) Some of these baits involve the use of names of legitimate businesses, whose stolen company checks are used in an attempt to defraud an innocent victim.
(d) Information gathered in the course of these baits is forwarded to law enforcement authorities for investigation and follow-up, and publishing these baits may compromise their efforts in apprehending these criminals.

I am still learning more about how these types of scam artists work, and when the time is right I will create a webpage explaining the typical chain of events that happens in such a scam.

Also, I need a break from having to update this site on an almost daily basis. Simply stated, there are other recreational pursuits that I enjoy, and I want to make more time available for them.


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