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Peace Corps: The Third Goal Peace Corps: The Third Goal

Read how Returned Peace Corps Volunteers continue work on the Third Goal of the Peace Corps - Bringing the world back to America.

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Local Peace Corps member shares middle-east experience - Original

RPCVs support World Wise Schools - Original

Teaching Resources for Water in Africa - Original

The Peace Corps Museum - Original

RPCV Bob Shacochis chronicles the Caribbean in novels that evoke the impact of American society and culture on the rest of the world - Original

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Peace Corps opens young minds - Original

The Peace Corps African Collection - Original

RPCVs read essays about their Peace Corps experience - Original

Senegal RPCV works to bring two worlds together - Original

Niger RPCV Pearl Robinson teaches African issues - Original

Recent Immigrants joining the Peace Corps - Original

NPCA prepares Speakers Bureau Kit for RPCVs to talk about the Peace Corps - Original

Peace Corps employees join RPCVs to teach peace and tolerance on "Day of Remembrance" - Original

Interview with Ethiopia RPCV John Coyne of Peace Corps Writers - Original

Cameroon RPCV Cindy Stricker shares African experiences with students - Original

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Our Peace Corps Volunteer in Guatemala - Original

Kathleen Harris Adventure in Guatemala - Original

Wowwy Malawi - Original

Julie Garrett, a Peace Corps volunteer in Botswana, organizes Pen Pal Program - Original

Rediscovering the Third Goal - Original

The Third Goal: Bringing Peace Corps Home - Original

Janet Getchell Returned Peace Corps Volunteer - Peace Corps Third Goal - Original

Response to Attack - Original

Is There A Future for Development Education in the USA? - Original

Global Awareness was founded to contribute to the third goal of the Peace Corps - Original

Mrs. Lavender and her students have been corresponding with Keith Kadlec and some of his English language students in Moldova. - Original

RPCVs share experiences at Pasadena church event - Original

Hawai'i RPCV produces a monthly program on 'Olelo television called "Bring the World Home" - Original

Bolivia and Macedonia PCVs enlighten students - Original

Grapevine students talk to China PCV Erica Armstrong - Original

RPCV Fred Marinello remembers a mission of Peace in the Philippines - Original

Peace Corps Celebrates Anniversary - Original

Remember, the water's not blue everywhere - Original

Students talk with Peace Corps Volunteer Amy Glick in Cameroon - Original

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Ask Me about the Peace Corps: Earth - Original

Ask Me about the Peace Corps: Earth 2 - Original

Ask Me about the Peace Corps: Magritte - Original

Ask Me about the Peace Corps: Volunteer Photo - Original

Ask Me about the Peace Corps: Norman Rockwell - Original

Richard Reeves says many of our problems are because of our own uninterest and ignorance in how the other half lives and thinks - Original

Madagascar RPCV Amanda Wonson helps West JHS students learn about Africa through letters with Peace Corps Volunteer in Benin - Original

Sharon is serving in the Peace Corps helping people care for new born babies in Morocco - Original

After spending two years with the Peace Corps helping improve a village in Senegal, Mary Fertakis took to heart the corps' third goal -- "bring the world back home." - Original

RPCV Melanie Thompson provides students with glimpse of Kenya - Original

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