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Peace Corps Humor Peace Corps Humor

Read about the lighter side of Peace Corps service.

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Malawi RPCV Dale Mcfeatters hitchiked all over Africa - Original

Malaysia RPCV Kinky Friedman for Texas governor? - Original

India RPCV Charles C. Ryan started smoking in the Peace Corps - Original

Buy the book "Hyenas laughed at me and now I know why" and read the story "Good Dog!" By Mali RPCV Mary Noble - Original

At times Peace Corps life can be a lonely, frustrating experience, so to receive some good ol' raunchy American humor (as found in your column) lifted all of our spirits. - Original

It is legitimate to ask whether the U.S. government should be funding the large-scale provision of social services to people in foreign countries. One should be able to ask that question in a tactful way that does not impugn the motives of the Peace Corps volunteers and hurt their feelings. - Original

About that time I got it into my head that I wanted to see the world, too, and began the process of applying to the Peace Corps. - Original

Tales of a Slovak Peace Corps Groupie - Original

Cartoon: Tower - Original

Things I will not miss about the U.S. while in the Peace Corps - Original

Letter From A Not-So-Much Exile in Samoa - Original

Top Ten Reasons not to ET today by a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal - Original

Critical Periods in the Life of a PCV by a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal - Original

Cartoon: Missionary - Original

Queer Eye For The Straight RPCV - Original

Cartoon: Presidential Visit - Original

Tammy Faye Baker wouldn’t make it in Madagascar now, but she might have if caught at a younger age. Right now I feel almost covered for life with my current threshold of tolerance. - Original

I continue to be embarassed by your dribble!!! - Original

Wasting Time in Mongolia - Original

Cartoon: UFO - Original

The Best of the Black Flag Newsletter - Original

Readjustment Diary Part One: The First 60 Days - Original

Cartoon: Plastered - Original

Crazy White Girl heading to Africa in Peace Corps - Original

Gabon Volunteer asks about Shattered Windshields - Original

RPCV Jim Murray named winner in Humor contest with story of elderly woman - Original

Ghana RPCV James Eckardt is a renowned farang author who resides in Thailand - Original

No Mixed Signals, No Mixed Drinks at Peace Corps Affair - Original

Peace Corps on the wagon in Eastern Mediterranean and Asia region - Original

Cartoon: Mosquito - Original

Dennis Lynch's Service as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Colombia - Original

Peace Corps puts unfocused college graduates on the dole to sing "Kumbaya" - Original

Cartoon: Friend - Original

RPCVs Cory and Angie Floden brought back "alien" dog from Guatemala - Original

Cartoon: Conversation - Original

Dave's Sexy Summer Adventures in Moldova - Original

Tales of an Expat in Thailand By Don Bott - Original

You know you've been in Kazakhstan too long by Kate Mattingly, Peace Corps volunteer in Aktobe - Original

Namibia PCV Robert Hite writes about one of life's luxuries: a toothbrush - Original

Korea RPCV Mike Erickson worked in Tuberculosis Control - Original

Cartoon: Photographer - Original

Thailand RPCV Lee Stetson impersonates John Muir, wins election to County Board of Supervisors - Original

Cartoon: Jungle - Original

Kazakhstan PCV Kevin Marousek describes local television habits - Original

Daily routine often seems familiar to Namibia Peace Corps volunteer - Original

India RPCV Gene Tackett rocks with the Rolling Stones - Original

Cartoon: Peace Corps Doctor - Original

The 40th plus one - One has the sense that such a reunion cannot fail; these people will always find a way to succeed by calling upon their collective knowledge of how to get by when everything you had planned for didn't happen - Original

How Peace Corps Volunteers vote overseas - Original

Become an Expat - Original

Cartoon: Garden - Original

Korea RPCV Gary Rector writes about slogans in Korea - Original

RPCV Warner M. Montgomery reports that Squat Johns are now an endangered species in Thailand - Original

Greetings ... from Namibia - Original

Mark Shahinian's Story of Peace Corps Volunteers during the evacuation from Ivory Coast - Original

Cartoon: Jeep - Original

Value of a timepiece is of no matter in Moldova to PCV Nicole Sheets - Original

All for the Breast by Botswana RPCV Rebecca Crowley - Original

Cartoon: Protest - Original

Cartoon: Trip - Original

Cartoon: Hourglass - Original

Peru RPCV Jack Hoffbuhr remembers Safety and Security of Andean Buses - Original

Allan Oliver in Guatemala & Beyond - Original

Cartoon: Punishment - Original

Cartoon: Visit to a PCV in the field - Original

Peace Corps Announces New Strategy for Ukraine - Original

Cartoon: Culture Shock - Original

Peace Corps Cartoon Page - Original

Cartoon: Hallucinations - Original

Cartoon: Country Director - Original

Texas Etiquette in the Peace Corps - Original

Peace Corps Looking for Love - Original

No More Fear of Flying: An Aerophobe Reveals the Secret by Tunisia RPCV Jonathon Dobrer - Original

Home From Africa: 13 Symptoms of Peace Corps Withdrawal - Original

The food wasn't so hot, but the people were warm - Original

Return of the aged hippies - Original

Kinky Friedman joins the Peace Corps and goes to Borneo - Original

How RPCV's Know They Have Re-Adjusted to American Life - Original

When Maoists in Nepal extort from you, they give you a receipt. - Original

Peace Corps Picnic - Original

Letters Home from the Peace Corps - Very funny and insightful look back - Original

Welcome to Karyn's Adventure Page: Benin, West Africa - Top Ten Expressions that Sound Dirty but really aren't - Original

The Russophile: 101 ways you know that you have been in Russia too long - Original

Could it be? Stories from an RPCV in Russia - Original

Barbados RPCV Bob Shacochis - "I went there, underage, to go surfing. Against the wishes of my parents. The Peace Corps was a scheme to get back [at them]. I got off the plane in Barbados with my surfboard and everybody laughed...Peace Corps volunteers are like sailors—they read like crazy. You're often alone. So you read books." - Original

Dear Ann Landers - In 1963 and '64, I was administering a Peace Corps project in Northern Somalia... - Original

Packing Dilemnas - Original

The One Week Death Defying Chicken by RPCV Chris Starace - Original

Dartmouth Dance Student chooses Peace Corps Benin - Original

Welcome to Karyn's Adventure Page: Benin, West Africa - Top Ten Expressions that Sound Dirty but really aren't - Original

Pictures from Kimee Davidson, Peace Corps Benin - Original

The One Week Death Defying Chicken by RPCV Chris Starace - Original

An informal survey by Michael Metcalf of 23 Agroforestry, Community Development and Health PCVs taken at their Close of Service Conference in Yaounde, Cameroon in August 1997 - Original

Great quotes that I either read/heard/stole from other Peace Corps Volunteers from Debz Peace Corps Adventure in Ecuador - Original

Red Bead Days - The Peace Corps went to India to teach the Indian masses about contraception - Original

In Praise of Expatriates - The easiest way to become an expatriate is to volunteer for the Peace Corps - Original

Malawi RPCV Dale Mcfeatters once had to use fractions in the Peace Corps - Original

The Songs of Malaysia RPCV Kinky Friedman - Original

Nepal! By: Seventh of Seven - Original

My son is in the Peace Corps in Botswana, now in his third year. He recently sent us the following entitled "Things That at One Time Were Foreign But Now Seem Ordinary" - Original

Escape from Tashkent - Original

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