Monday-May 26,2003

Oh my gosh,I'm finally able to put this up! I've been working on this for weeks now, and yes,not everything is finished yet,but I was too excited so I just went ahead and opened the site up anyway. Welcome! Try to bear with some of the unfinished parts of my site, they'll be fixed and up, hopefully the end of this week.

So what to talk about first? Well, hi. I'm Pamela. I'm kinda new to this since this is a brand new website that I just built, and I know it's not much to look at yet but I'm just getting started! There'll be plenty of stuff on here to look at so please,if you want,always keep checking back. I have some more ideas for things I want to add to the site, but I'm going to need some time to put those up too. In the meantime,take a look around. The links are on the right side of your screen, click them to find out more about me, see some pictures, and check out a bunch of other things.

Anyway, this is basically just a start out entry. Plus this layout is only temporary. Remember that not everything is totally up so please be patient with me and I promise I'll have everything up soon. Nighty night bebes ;)

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