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Name: Bridget Hopp
Title: Vice Justice
About: Born June 8th 1984 in Wisconsin. Currently lives in Cleveland, OH. Likes the color pink, dogs that can fit in purses, and Starbucks.
Favorite Class: Criminal Law.
Favorite Professor: Spencer Neth.
Career Ambitions: Criminal Litigation of some sort.


2/15 - Fundraising Event from 5-8pm @ Barking Spider for Happy Hour

3/2 - Initiation! Moot Court Room @ Case Law School

Phi Alpha Delta is the world's largest international legal organization with over 250,000 members and 189 law school chapters. The Fraternity motto is: Service to the Student, the Law School, the Profession, and the Community. One of the biggest draws is the depth of the Fraternity, and the number of members who have joined, as well as the jobs that some of our members hold. For example, 7 Presidents, 14 U.S. Supreme Court Justices, 7 U.S. Attorney Generals and currently 51 State Supreme Court Justices are included in our ranks. We are the world's largest international legal organization and the largest of the three main legal fraternities with 1 out of every 5 American attorneys holding membership in P.A.D.. We were the first to remove all restrictions upon membership. We are the only fraternity which maintains a Public Service Center for law related education and community service, and we are the only legal fraternity to have recognized the need for, and developed, a Pre-Law Program. P.A.D. has been first in a great many significant areas impacting the professional development of our members, including the development of a highly interactive, member-friendly P.A.D. website which allows our members to search each other out by specialty or location.

Phi Alpha Delta International Law Fraternity
Case Western Reserve University