TR Proposal


†††††††††††††††††††††† For my TR I am proposing to make a model power grid that is monitored with a micro controller. What my model will show is how power goes from a generation to residential houses, commercial buildings and Industries. The residential building is going to be my house, the industrial building is going to be Hamilton Paper Box and the commercial building will be Shopper Drug Mart. I am going use there average power consumptions and scale them down to show how they effect the grid. Then I am going to show what there power consumptions are like at peak times and show how it affects the grid. All building power will be represented by inductors and variable resistors.My model is going to show all the protections that are in power grid and I am going to demonstrate how they work. I am going to show what it would be like if Hamilton Paper Box had bad power factor and how costly it would be for them. Then I will have switches and when I turn on the switch it will activate capacitors and it will show how capacitors can help power factor and how much it will save the company money.All values will be calculated and displayed using a microcontroller.

†††††††††† The micro controller will display Voltage, current, Resistance, inductance, Apparent power ,Reactive Power, Power, Power factor, and Yearly Power costs for My house, Hamilton Paper Box and shoppers Drug mart using an LCD display.. I will also show Voltage, current, apparent power, Reactive Power, Power, Power factor for the generating station, substations and transformers. All my values will be real life values just scaled down. My model will have physical distance that are accurate to real life just scaled down. I will calculate everything that is possible to calculate for this power grid.



††††††††††† I think that this is a good TR because I am showing how things we learned in EE581 (Power system) is used in real life. Ie.

        Generating stations,


        disruption stations,

        pole mounted transformers,

        Power factor correction††



        Power transformers

        Transmission lines (over head and underground),

        Power flow,


I am also incorporating things that I have learned in microcontrollers. Ie,

        Using a keypad to read in data

        Using an LCD display to display data

        Reading in data using A/D controller

        Using the micro controller to make calculations

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