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Hot days rainy nights
Wednesday, 10 September 2003

As I feared got pulled over for not doing any work. Had to put on a apologetic face and walk across to the team members and discuss on what needed to be done. Also managed to leave early and take Lals (wife) out to my sister-in-laws concert. Wasn't aware that the concert was scheduled to start at 6.00 and ended up missing the first half. Still it was the first concert for lals and was glad to see that she enjoyed it.
Today I brought the photographs which we had taken in Malaysia and Thailand to office. We had carried a digicam on our trip and as the Digicam did not have an add-on card, we had to frequently burn the photos to a CD whereever we went. There's totally 2 CDs in addition to the half completed roll loaded in a camera we had taken with us and another from a disposable camera we had purchased in Bangkok which need to be printed. I showed the photographs to my friends which they enjoyed very much. Also passed along a small gift I had brought from Malaysia to a colleague which she liked very much. In response to my earlier post or for some other reason I got an order for a movie DVD which I believe I can source. I do get other orders which are price mistakes i.e items for which the price has been quoted too low and hence cannot be completed. Therefore, I have to cancel these orders.
Got up later than my missus and hence we both had to take separate autos to work. The car is there but as both of us get off at the same spot the cost for the auto gets divided in half thus making it economical. But today things proved different but I used the opportunity to get my first class train pass and also arrange for someone to be there when the telephones people came.
Have to upload the photos to some website and send link to missus. so ciao.

Posted by blog/omprakashvisvanathan at 12:23 PM
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Tuesday, 9 September 2003

Just got back from a trip which my wife and I had undertaken to Malaysia and Bangkok. Iam writing this blog sitting at my desk in my office as there doesn't appear to be anything for me to do. I have a blog on another site which seems to be having some trouble and hence the need for a new blog. In fact, there was even a comment from someone who had read my posting which I hadn't expected. I would have put in more effort in to my writing had I known as I had this feeling that the blog wasn't the best I have written.
I have this net business which I pursue as a hobby and couldn't attend to as I was honeymooning. On my return I find things to be a little slow which is to be expected. Another site which used to supply me with work hasn't had much work of late. In the office I was doing some stuff for the client before I left. I should have been assigned to complete whats remaining of that task but that hasn't happened. I received a gift cheque from my company which my boss handed to me today. This together with some medical claims I plan to make should help shore up my account. The internet as a means to earn big money has remained a myth till now. Just before the last venture I undertook I had some $x in my bank which I find has shrunk to $y at the end of the venture where $y<$x. I always seem to end up with less than I began with whenever I attempt something. I know the reason for this but am not sure if this can be overcome. The lack of a major credit card has hampered business operations and to apply for one would cost atleast $xx.00. Also, switching base to somewhere closer to where I live would be a good idea as operating via email/web alone sometimes causes lapses which will affect the business in the long run.
Jaishie is leaving for U.S at the end of the month with her child sehann. I am going to miss her and sehann as they are really such lovable people. Since my wedding I have moved to a new apartment where I stay with my wife. The rest of the family is living elsewhere which sometimes makes me feel lonely. Even though Iam used to living alone, in the days leading to the wedding I was staying with them and that is probably the cause of this loneliness.

Posted by blog/omprakashvisvanathan at 12:53 PM
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