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A Very Republican Fall From Grace

By No_Lap_Dog

I recently read an article entitled A Very Public Fall From Grace written by TLG Terri Hillhouse. The article targets candidate Jack Ryan. Ms. Hillhouse writes:

"Jack Ryan, young, highly intelligent, good looking, a former partner in Goldman Sachs which he left to become a teacher at Hales Franciscan High School - an all African-American, all-boys parochial school on the South Side of Chicago. A man of such stature sounds like a dream candidate, don't you think?"

Yes! I think Jack Ryan sounds pretty good overall! The article also discusses the importance of good moral character--it even includes a quote from George Washington who is certainly one of my heros, since his face appears on so many one dollar bills.

I am so thankful that we have conservatives like Ms. Hillhouse who have anointed themselves the guarantors of morality. What would we do without them? Did you know that good moral character is important? I bet you didn't until after you read Ms. Hillhouse's informative article. OK, so original ideas are not her forte--but nobody is perfect.

The concept of "nobody is perfect" is not an original idea either--nevertheless it is a concept that my fellow conservatives, including Ms. Hillhouse, fail to grasp when judging the moral character of Republican candidates and politicians.

When I look at a politician's character, I don't just look at the bad news--I also look at the good news, and weigh the two--then ask, "Does the good outweigh the bad?" In the case of former speaker of the house, Newt Gingrich, I say the good profoundly outweighed the bad! Newt gave us the "Contract for America" for crying out loud! Yet, Newt was asked to resign on the basis of one immoral act--cheating on his wife.

Newt Gingrich was to the Republican Party what Babe Ruth was to baseball. Babe Ruth cheated on his wife also. Can you even imagine the Yankees firing Babe Ruth, and replacing him with a mediocre player who never cheated on his wife?

Conservatives need to get off this kick that "WE ARE THE GUARANTERS OF FAMILY VALUES AND MORALITY." Afterall, hypocrisy is not a moral virtue. Instead, it would be wiser if conservatives voted for their best players. George Washington was not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but he was the Babe-Ruth candidate of his time, and our ancestors were wise enough to make him president.

The Democrats were loyal to Bill Clinton--even after he was impeached by the House! I guess the Democrats figured since Clinton was giving them what they wanted overall, why throw the baby out with the bath water?

Conservatives can learn a lesson about the importance of loyalty from the so-called bad, evil liberals. Liberals have shown by their loyalty that it is better to practice morality than preach it. If conservatives really want to be the moral guarantors, we should try to avoid being outdone by a bunch of liberals.


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