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This Layout was made by Randy Phillips for the New Breed's use in XCWA.

::.End Disclaimer.::

Camera begins shooting footage at GCWs weekly tv show. GCW World champion is getting ready for his match tonight. Pulling up an elbow pad, he begins to address XCWA and his opponents for Sunday.

Vic Virus - You might be asking yourself, why are you here, at a GCW event. The answer is simple, I am here defending my World title against three challengers in a four way steel cage match. The reason for this, to prove a point. This Sunday at XCWAs Battle in the Asylum pay per view, Im booked into a match with those two nimrods Young and Gunn. A two on one handicap match. My point is, that no matter the odds, whether its two on one, or three on one, I wont back down. I wont lose tonight, and I wont lose this Sunday night.

Vic Virus grabs some tape and begins to wrap his wrists as he continues his thoughts.

Vic Virus - You two idiots made your choices two weeks ago when you decided to make a deal with that Brittany Andrews chick and attack me during my tag team match. At that very moment, you not only made your choice, you also signed your death warrant. New Breed is no longer, I stand alone. Revenge will be mine this Sunday.

Virus lays the tape down and grabs his title belt. He walks out of the locker room on his way to defend the title as the cameras cut off.