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Important Things

Newbie Packs

You qualify for a Newbie Pack after you have been in the guild for three days and have posted three messages.
Newbie Packs will be worth over 1000 nps....
Neomail the guild account (guildneopianhelpers) to get a Newbie Pack. Just bid a junk item and 50 nps.


If you would like to donate to the guild buy an item in guildneopianhelpers shop. Donating to the guild helps the guild and helps you! It means better prizes, giveaways and other things.

Raising Ranks

Do you want your rank raised? Or want to be on Second Council? Here is how to do it:

500 nps and 5 posts - Helper Newbie

1500 nps and 10 posts - Helper Faerie

2500 nps and 15 posts and 1 item - Faerie Guru

5000 nps and 25 posts and 3 items - Faerie Master

10000 nps and 40 posts and 8 items - Ultimate Faerie

Once you are an Ultimate Faerie you can Apply for Second Council. Just neomail guildneopianhelpers!