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Neo's Blog


Just a small update. FINALLY got the credit card stuff cleared up. His responce was that "Oh because of sars we stoped shipping" psssssssssssh like SARS is some DEADLY disease. pssssssssh lol jk ANyways he shoulda freakn said it on his web site or what ever. Im just glad to have gotten my money back. About to go to work too :( I dun wanna. When I get back I have to finish that damn report too. Gotta fix it up and do a reference page. Owell, its the price I pay for slacking. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thats about it. Imma go wash my face then go to work. So till next entree


Cinco De Mayo! Why the esclamation mark? I dunno just cause I can lol. Well Today started out intresting. Woke up to a phone call, had to verify some purchases I bought online. Went online and discovered that they freakn double charged me when I bought my dvd's. Got pissed called up the Sellers number. They told me I had to call Paypal cause they didnt clear my pending. So.... I have to make a long disance call to there company but the lady who helped me out was really nice about it. Got it cleared and then Called the company I bought Ko-Jui's b-day braclet from. Turns out to be some Insurance Firm in Bufalo, New York. :( As soon as I hung up I went back on to file a report. Hopefully I get my money back but I really wanted to get her that Braclet it was really pretty. Red and Black Jade. So now, I gotta go find her a new present in the mean time.

School: Showed up to English late cause of it and then I was only in there for like 10 mins. Asked if I could go talk to my Counslor Mr. Steves. he sent me a report to my house saying I wouldnt graduate.... but this time for Physics. Was pissed, my parents didnt beilive me anyways and Yelled shit at me. Blah blah blah whats wrong with you nelson first spanish now Physics... blah blah blah. The usual. Went to Econ (grrr I still keep calling it gov) Turns out theres gonna be a test this thursday. Im hella not ready cause stuff been poping up. Havent been taking notes or anything. But its okiee cause I usually pass the tests with a C (use to be an A) so Im not too worried. All her tests are like common sense. Errr atleast to me that is. I never take notes anyways so Im not too worried about that class.

Math was ok, picked up two bags of candy to help Kim sell em for her college fund. Since then and the what maybe 45 mins till I got home. I pretty much already sold 1 bag. DAMN IM GOOD!!! MWAHAHAHAH This cute looking girl called me over and bought a ton of candy and so did a few of her friends. And they say Sex apeal is bad MWAHAHAHAH, lol jk Psssh yea right My hair was a mess anyways. Was so late that I didnt do my hair. I looked like a slob today lol but I still sold a ton of candy. So its all good.

Ummmmmm not much else to talk about. Been Listening to The Crossroads by Bone thug alot lately lol I dunno why. But its a good song. Well wish that the report gets filed and I get my money back. I kno I am. Till next entree


Damn Haven't updated this in forever. Anyways today was hella cool. Went to go see Better Luck Tomrrow, had to drag Thomas's lazy ass. Even paid for his freakn ticket too. Punk ass had money too :( O well. I liked it a lot. Kept telling Thomas and Mike that the movie was the story of my life lol. Get away with hella stuff, Mock trial, math club, (almost did Aca Deca), and tennis ahahahah. Thomas Hella looked at me when he walked by and was like don't let the letterman jacket fool you. He's not a jock, he plays tennis. Thomas was HELLA cracking up lol. Mike seemed to enjoy it too. See now you guys can say your cultured. Went to go see an all azn cast movie heh.

My Birthday was even better in La, raquet ball AHAHHAHA, yup played raquet ball :D. My bro said hed take me out to dinner for my birthday like he usually does every year but it seemed like a "Let's introduce our girlfriends to our parents" kinna dinner. I was bored as hell. Shit, I even talked more to the waitress then I did with my family. Food sucked, except for the fried chicken stuff That was good. Ended up being soo hungry that I ended up eatting pretty much both plates of squid omlets. Err how ever you spell it. That wasnt that great either but I was hungry.

Few day's ago played the #1 player from another school. We met once before at the courts (tennis) and we played then. I think I won twice and he won 4 (1st time we played) I wont the 1st 2 then he won the rest. And then we played a agin a few days ago. He's gotten a lot better and so did I. Last game we played I won once and he won 4. Pretty good for the what, #10 or #11 player at Davis eh? heheh I forget my rank. But! I did make top 7 a while ago, read the previous ones for that.

Last day of spring break too :( Have to finish this damn report due tomrrow. Dun do it I dun pass english. the Stupid chick in my class got Ovalle to move the due date. It went like this. Mr. O: Hmm were not here on the 30th. Stupid chick: Oh, Were here on the 28th. Mr.O: o ok its due then. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr stupid chick. Even moved up the FINAL due date a week. 28th is when the rough draft is due. Owell, I never do a rough draft anyways I might as well finish it all today. Well got nothing else to say, and I really should finish the report. Dun wanna stay up tooo late tonight. Till then

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! w00t w00t!!!!!! Hella cool today. Erika bought me a boquet of Balloons, Crystal got me a card and wrote HELLA in it heh, Jordan made me homemade cookies, and HELLA ppl gave me hugs heh. THX everyone! But of course..... the fecking cheap ass Ag ppl didnt tie the knot tight enough and the fancy balloon flew away :( O well. There's a gap in the boquet now lol. Well abou tto go to Los Angeles for Spring break. Turns out that we ARE leaving today, instead of Saturday, so I have no clean cloths and have to do it all at my Aunt or bros house down there. It just means less packing lol. Wanted to throw a party too, people been telling me to go get a stripper for it too heh but it aint gonna happen.... Err atleast while my parents are around heh. Well I really should go pack (my dirty cloths) so Ill prolly Update when I get in La. HOPEFULLY Ill be able to bring my computer with me too. I hella wanna, then this way we can play Cs and I can proove how good I am and no more lagg bitching heh. Oooooo Thomas your gonna so get P\|/n3|} MWAHAHHAHA 4z|\|'5 \/5 7|-\4 \|/|-\173 |*p| 0m1|=3|(n66 we gonna get Pwned :( lol Itll be fun tho. AND since Ill (maybe) have my computer with me I wont be soooooooo freakn bored. But of course I NOW KNOW, my aunts house has SATILITE TV. feckign spent last time all bored and shit ahahhahaha. Well Till tonight's entree, I hope :/ Peace out yo

~Edited~ Mwahahahahah, edited some of it cause hey. I can. Most ppl didnt read it and thoes who did *YAY* for you. You've now seen a little of my other side.
Not too much of an update. Bored as Feck so just thought Id write something in here. Mrs. Gowens finally told me that she wanted to check my records cause acroding to her no one believes that I did it legit. And when she did that Katie said well Nelson's smart I believe that he could really do it. That cheered me up heh. Gowens also said that shed have to give out 2 prizes cause my so called "penny stock" was a fluke and no one would put money into it. But o well feck her. She aint my fav teach no more so it doesnt really matter. Had a lot of respect for her to but hey too late now.

Had our Pre Cal test today not too bad. Got stuck half way cause I screwed up, kept doing it wrong so I skiped it and came back to it. Thankfully this time I found out what I did wrong and fixed most of them. 2nd to last question I forgot one of the formulas and had to find everything else just so I could answear the question a different way. But of course as soon as I found what I needed I was outta time so I couldnt use it to get the answear. Owell, answear the bo nus question tho :) correctly too I think heh.

Lunch sucked, Thomas was gone that fuck nut. Hes laughing right not too I bet u heh. Anyways didnt play Uno like we usually do, Anna went to talk with Gahn and thats bout it. Borrrrrrrrrrrring!

Inner Thoughts:

Closing Thoughts:
Not too bad lately things seems to be getting better. Still pissed at Mrs. Gowens, I tend to hold grudges. Took her test and to tell you the truth theres some of it I didnt kno and others I guessed on. We got to use notes too which I didnt. I never use notes on tests, err only in math and History, the rest of the classes I prolly would. But like my old paranoid self Im thinking shes doing it to spite me cause I wrote a letter to one of the soldiers over in Iraq and in it i was jokeing around and put "Well I have to go now, Im missing some notes in class..." Of course she writes me a little note saying I shouldnt be doing it in class and only gives me half the extra credit. Owell I dont give a damn about that class anymore.

Math is still easy as 3.14159 *cough* Pi, errm pie. Stupid math joke just laugh along k? Some days Ill just sleep through the class get called on to answear something, look up and do the math in my head, give him the answear then go back to sleep. He know's I know what Im doing just like my other math teachers did and he leaves me alone which I kinda like about him. You kno what? Hes going to take over Mr. Gowens fav teacher spot lol. For some reason Math seems to come easy to me. Lately I would just look at a formula a few times and by the next day Id have it memorized and using it to quickly finish my hw while hes checking it. I usually get it in on time too, Imma speed racer heh. Kinda reminds me of my old Kumon days where Id have to do a few problems in a timed situation.

Friday was the Election Convention which was pretty cool. I really enjoyed being a delagate last year so I became a Senior Staff this year. Help set up and clean up which was a bitch but it went by very quickly. Only met one new person that day. I think her name's Hidy or something. Thats what i think her friends called her that lol. I ran into some of my old Mock Trial friends and saw that they were sitting at the same table as her so I just Happened to walk by and say hey to my friends. Also got to introduce my self to Hidy lol. Pretty much hung out with them the whole time. Half way through did the Chicken dance with her and thats about it. Prolly gonna say hi again monday morning or something lol. She looks good tho :)

Drama Class!! OMFG, Im so glad that its almost over. Im the director to the class play and Ive been getting hella grief from the Libean chick. I heard she had Mono and didnt wanan kiss her bf whos a friend of mine. Been wondering wassup with him lately. Also heard that the chick will be moving back to where ever the hell she came from lol so Im happy bout that. But I get screwed yet again and have to figure out what to do and scramble. Owell shell be gone and Im happy.

Inner Thoughts:
Are things picking back up?? I dunno weither to be happy or not cause it seems like as soon as it does pick back up I get jacked all over again. Seems like a vicious cycle that never ends and is just there to tourment me. Schools ending soon and Ill be going to College soon ( turns out Im getting a C- in SPanish pulled it up some way from a f w00t w00t) and have to start over. Lately Ive been feeling a little worried having to start all over again and establish everything again, friends etc. But to tell you the truth it might be for the better getting a new start. Ever since I was little I just wanted to get the hell outta this town and just start brand new where no one knew me. Im excited, orientation starts soon.

Love Life:
Still none but Im getting more comfortable talking with complete strangers now. Like at the Convention I didnt even hesitate to introduce my self to Hidy.It seemed to flo all naturally. Just made some small talk and before I left and said Hey my names Nelson and shook her hand. Later that day even cracked a joke to this other pretty hot azn chick sitting at the next table too lol Im so proud of my self AHAHHAHA jk yea right I still got a long way to go but hey its a start :)

Closing Thoughts:
Seems like Im a lot more happier when Im flirting with girls lol Maybe some of Dithma's gittiness is rubbing off on me but hey its a good feeling lol. I really should start doing it more often maybe Ill be alot less grumpier and sensative. Shoot been thinking that I'm ready to go find me a girlfriend and do all that dating stuff too heh. Well till next entree (thats what I put in my journal for Ovalle, English)

------------------------------------------------------ 04-09-03
yea... fecking angel fire does it again but hey Im smart I copied it this time. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice.. umm yea u kno the rest.

OMFG! Spent 2 freakin hours typing a big o blog and the damn page expires on me had soooo much on it too. Thoughts, feelings, even girls lol but I guess its your loss now. Go scream at stupid Angel fire for it. Anyways to recap.

Stock market = Me pissed. Gowens thinks I cheated on it WHICH I DIDNT. Thinks 800 in 2 weeks can turn into 2mil. While I made 30k turn into 48k, she says I cheat. TENNIS! Beat Taku 2-1, today I officially became top 7. But just for today. Thomas = Jackass. Almost forgot, Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey It's Nelson (shoulda gone first but owell). Thats about it for school.

Inner thoughts:
Scared to death bout my mom passing her sickness to me. Nelson = depression, paranoia, sensative as hell (so watch your stupid jokes Thomas. This why Thomas = Jackass)

Love Life:
None so far. Nelson = old romantic, moments last 4ever w/ special someone, 2 girls asked out whole life. 1 psycho chick other dunno what happened. Into girl I see twice a week, whos not a spartain, and is older. Wanted to ask to this and last years prom. Didnt happen :(

Closing Stuff:
G-dang angelfire. Had a lot typed out put my whole self into it and it crashes on me. Boo them, anyways maybe Ill go into the same detail next entree but for right now Im pissed. so till next time, ta-ta (towards, away, towards, away. Physics joke it's on the chapter of sounds. Edwins thing)