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Payouts: Elite Eight $10 (8 Teams Paid)
Final Four $20 (4 Teams Paid)
Nat'l Championship Game $40 (2 Teams Paid)
Winner of Nat'l Champ. $80 (1 Team Paid)

Everybody will get one team from each side of the tournament bracket. The point spreads will be posted the day before the games are played. The teams will be chosen on Wednesday, March 15th the night before the first round of play.

In order to advance to each round, your chosen team must cover the spread. For example, if one of your teams is Texas and they are playing Duke and Duke is favored by 15 points. If Texas coveres the spread (loses by 14 or less), than you take over Duke in the next round.

The links below will be updated once the tournament starts to progress.


Players Involved
Point Spreads