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Kpop Super Best 2

Album Review

One of the BEST cds that should be bought this year! I highly recommend it myself. Two cds just a price of one, isn't that good enough plus all those good songs inside? Both cds has 12 songs. The first cd starts of with Shin Seung Hun singing the OST of 'My Sassy Girl'. The second song sung be 7 dayz is the original version of Taiwanese pop band, Energy's 'Duo Ai Wo Yi Tien'. The third song is by far my most favourite song in both disc. It's RICH singing 'Saranghae Imar Baken'. One of the four heavenly kings in Hongkong has sung the chinese version before. The other songs in the first cd are not bad. The recommended ones by me should be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 10th. Oh well, everyone has different opinions right?

The second cd kicks off with SHINHWA singing 'Hey, come on'! The second song is not bad sung by T titled 'As Time Goes By'. The seventh song is a fast and catchy song. The way Dana sings 'Diamond' is really good. Lena Park sings 'In My Dream' for the eighth song. For this song, speakers should be turn on. The base and the beat is really strong for the last part. Fly To The Sky sings 'All My Love'. FTTS are REALLY good in singing R&B ballads. For a little disco feeling, listen to S.E.S's 'Just a Feeling'. BoA sings 'Miracle' for the eleventh song. And finally it ends with Black Beat singing 'In The Sky'

Rating- *****

    List Of Songs

Cd 1
1. Shin Seung Hoon- I Believe
2. 7 dayz- I do

3. Rich- Saranghae Imar Baken
4. Moon Myeong Jin- Haru haru
5. Kang ta- Pine Tree

6. J- Oje Choram
7. Kim Min Jong- You're My Life
8. BoA- Letting You Go

9. Lena Park- Nawa Haru
10. J-Walk- Suddenly
11. Shinvi- To My Friend
12. Yoo Young Jin- ..Jiae

Cd 2
1. Shinhwa- Hey, Come On
2. T- As Time Goes By
3. 5tion- More Than Words
4. Kim Hyo Su- Till...
5. J- 8318
6. He Ling- Sorry... Sorry
7. Dana- Diamond
8. Lena Park- In My Dream
9. S.E.S- Just A Feeling
10. Fly To The Sky- All My Love
11. BoA- Miracle
12. Black Beat- In The Sky



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