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Joe Lara played Tarzan twice, first in the TV movie Tarzan In Manhattan in 1989 and then returned in the TV series Tarzan: The Epic Adventures in 1996-1997)

Cast: Joe Lara (Tarzan), Kim Crosby (Jane Porter), Jan-Michael Vincent (Brightmore), Tony Curtis (Archimedes Porter), James Medina.
Produced by Max A. Keller, Micheline H. Keller, Charles Hairston, Gina Scheerer; Directed by Michael Schultz; Teleplay by Anna Sandor.
      PLOT: Tarzan goes to New York to rescue the chimp Cheetah, who has been captured by an evil animal experimenter. There, he teams up with Jane, a cab driver and daughter of an ex-cop private eye, who help Tarzan free Cheetah and his friends. Running time: 94 minutes.

(aka"Tarzan's Return")
Cast: Joe Lara (Tarzan), Aaron Seville (Themba), Andrew Divoff (Nicholai Rokoff), Lydie Denier (Olga de Coude), Lloyd L. Corricelli (Micah), Corinna Everson (Mara).
Executive Producers: Max A. Keller, Micheline H. Keller, Lynne Widgerow; Directed by Brian Yuzna; Screenplay by Burton Armus.
      PLOT: In this two hour movie that reintroduces us to John Clayton, the Lord of Greystoke. We find Tarzan in Paris where he is becoming more uncomfortable with civilization and ready to return to the jungle. His return begins with a "Journey to the Center of the Earth". In order to close the hole to the other world Tarzan must find the gem stolen from the gateway.
      After being devoured by a gigantic snake in the first half Tarzan must follow Rokoff to Pellucidar at the Earth's core. Rokoff plots with the Queen of the Mahars who are human flesh eaters. Running time: 90 Minutes.

Regular cast: Joe Lara (Tarzan), Aaron Seville (Themba), Don McLeod (Bolgani), Annika Bullus (Kali), Angela Harry (Queen La)
executive producers: Joe Lara, Micheline H. Keller; Henry Siegel; Line/post roducers: Peter Clausing, Peter Cohen, Neil Dunn, Michael McGreevey, Paul Siegel. Series directors: John Carl Buechler, Mark Roper, Gino Tanasescu, William Tannen, Brian Yuzna; Writers: Rhonda Smiley, Christopher A. Roosen, others based on characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

(1) Tarzan and the Leopard Woman
(2) Tarzan and the Lost Legion
(3) Tarzan and the Scarlet Diamond
(4) Tarzan and the Black Orchid
(5) Tarzan and the Reflections in an Evil Eye
(6) Tarzan and the Priestess of Opar
(7) Tarzan and the Fury of the Zadu
(8) Tarzan and the Revenge of Zimpala
(9) Tarzan and the Return of KuKulcan
(10) Tarzan and the White Pebble
(11) Tarzan and the Moon God
(12) Tarzan and the Forbidden City
(13) Tarzan and the Leopard Demon
(14) Tarzan and the Demon Within
(15) Tarzan and the Mahars
(16) Tarzan and the Amtorans
(17) Tarzan and the Beast of Dunali
(18) Tarzan and the Shadow of Anger
(19) Tarzan and the Mystery of the Lake
(20) Tarzan and the Circus Hunter

      It was decided that for a second season, Xavier DeClie would replace Joe Lara as Tarzan. A search was undertaken to find an actress to play Jane, but a second season was abruptly cancelled.