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International Department of CNC Group   (Beijing)

Business Development Manager (American Region),

International Carrier Business Department

- Account manager of American Telecom operators: AT&T, Sprint,

MCI, iPass, Google, Yahoo, etc. Developed relationship and business cooperation on telecom

 products, such as Voice, IPL, MPLS, FR, DIA, IP Transit, etc.

- Worked with internal to provide virious technical solutions

 for both Carriers and MNCs.

- Performance:   Annual Business increasing rate 60% ( normally 20% )

¡PKPI Performance Evaluation: A (Top 10% employees);

 Award of Top Emploee of Int. Dept. of CNC Group in 2005.

Marketing Strategy Manager / International Product Dept.


- Took part in the work of 2003 Budget, including calculating and

 adjusting international products¡¦ revenue and cost.  

 Periodically issued income statistics & analysis reports¡C

- Supported Sales and marketing strategy for international telecom products.



Northeast Branch of CNC Holding   (Dalian)

Department Manager / Sales Manager ,

International Business Department.

¡PPromoted to the department manager, made sales plan and

 strategy and led the team to develop international telecom

 business on MNC end customers in NE region of China.

¡PPerformance: Market share in Dalian region increased

 from 0 to 50% within 1.5 year.

¡PKPI Performance Evaluation: A (Top 10% employees)

¡PMajor customers: IBM, GE, DELL, Accenture, Nippon, Thysen, COSCO, etc.


1995.10 - 2001.10   

Dalian Public Security Bureau

Computer System & Network Engineer, IT Section

- 6 years IT experience as a   Computer   System & Network Engineer

 at the Dalian Public Security Bureau.¡PDuty on the Unix and

 NT installation, configuration and trouble-shooting on  

 AlphaServer, HP Servers, etc.

- Duty on the IP network Design, Network equipment configuration

 and maintenance of the Intranet.