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Charles McClain born about 1750 died in South Carolina 1821

Photo of Charles and Lorena McClain in 1908

Found on the internet....................................................................................many researchers are seeking answers to his origination.................................................................................. Descendants of Charles McClain ........................................................................................................ Generation No. 1 1. CHARLES1 MCCLAIN was born Abt. 1750,perhaps in Pennsylvania?............ and died Oct 1821 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. He married possibly in Virginia, ELIZABETH LURINE MOON Abt. 1774, daughter of GIDEON MOON and MARY HUDSON. She was born Abt. 1756, and died 1837 in Spartanburg, S.C.......................................................................................................... Notes for CHARLES MCCLAIN: Charles McClain was of Spartanburg County, S.C. on July 2, 1819 when he wrote his will which was probated 10 December 1819 (WB B:17-19). He was in Tryon Co., NC in 1769. Since there were 3 Charles in the Carolina, I can not be certain that it is the same Charles. The Spartanburg District back then went to the N.C. line. A number of people in Rutherford and Tryon areas were actually in SC, or vise versa. The line was not exactly clear between the two states. I need a Carolina researcher for this. A search is on to find the parents of Charles. Records of Spartanburg County indicate that lots of the Scots were descendants of those who came to Pennsylania first (from Ulster) about 1730. There is reason to believe that our McClains at that time were involved in the Glorious Revolution in Scotland and England. Most of the Scottish people supported Prince Charles, Edward Stuart's bid to wrest the throne of Britain from the House of Hanover. The Scots did not receive the promised support of the French people and the English Jacobites. Though supporters of the House of Stuart, known as Jacobites, could be found throughout the British Isles they were outnumbered and lost the battle at Culloden. These armies were formed 1715 to 1745. Many people were imprisioned by the Crown and some allowed to go to the new world, which included America, Jamaica, Barbados, and Antigua. The Scots paid dearly for their loyalty to the Stuarts. In fact, the failure of the Jacobite Rebellion signalled the death spiral of the Clan system and a large scale emigration to North America of the Scottish people. Charles' parents could have moved down to Virginia and North Carolina from Pennsylavania before moving to Spartanburg, S.C. An Ephraim, Charles, and Alexander moved from Pennsylanvia before the Revolution. One is almost certain to be this Charles' parents. At that time the name was spelled "McLean". In all of the early Passenger/Immigration Lists there is not one with the spelling of the name "McClain, or McLain" before 1780 that I have found. ............................................................................................................... In 1820, the Charles McClain household was enumerated in Spartanburg County (p238). The only male in the househould was aged 16 to 26 and is believed to be their son James, The only female in the household was over 45 years of age, believed to be the widow Elizabeth. Sons Josiah and John lived nearby. In 1822 James McClain sold a tract of land on Abner's Creek to George Mayfield (presumably his brother-in-law). (Spartanburg Co., SCDB U:246) It is believed, but not proven, that this Abner Creek land belonged to Charels and Elizabeth McClain. There is no deed conveying it to James McLain indexed in the Spartanburg County deed indexes. In 1830 Elizabeth Moon McClain was enumerated in the census of Spartanburg County (p. 324, Line 13). Son James was nearby, p. 326, Line 29. Josiah and John had already removed from South Carolina to Georgia. Charles named seven children in his will. Will of Charles McClain 1821 SC State of South Carolina, Spartanburg Dist,, "I, Charles McClain, being at this time in good and perfect memory threw the mercies of God but weak and sickley in body do make this my last will and testament in manner following that is to say I consign my body to the dust and my soal to God who gave it unto me it is my will and desire that all my just debts shall first be paid at all funerial exspences to be paid it further my will and desire that my beloved wife Elizabeth McClain shall have full possession of all my property & plantation during of her life to do & act with it as she seeth proper and at her death for all to be sold exsept the land and plantation which i give and bequith unto my son James McClain. It is further my will and desire that at the death of my beloved wife Elizabeth McClain that all of my properities shall be sold except the land before observed for my son James McClain, and to be equally divided between the proper ares & legateas that is to say Josiah McClain, Nancy Leonard, John McClain, Elizabeth Ward, Polley Mayfield, James McClain & Jenney Brockman, and last of all I placeing the confidence & trust in my Two beloved friends James McClain and George Mayfield as executors of my last will and testament in witness of the same I have set my hand & seal July 16th 1821 signed in the presence of us :" Test. Abraham Wood his mark Charles X McClain Samuel X Floyed mark his signature, Thos Wood Recorded in will book B, page 17 box 21, package 3 Recorded 11th day of October 1821 His estate was appraised by Tyree Glenn, Thomas Wood and Abraham Wood on Feb. 21, 1822 Census reads: 1800 Spartanburg District, SC p 191 30010 3000100 1810 " " p 199 01101 20201 2 slaves 1820 " " p 238 0001000 0101002000 3 slaves 1830 " " p 324 0000000 0000000100 (Elizabeth McLan(sic) ..................................................................................................................... Dec. 3, 1816 Charles McClain received a grant of 192 acres on Abner Creek. Your compiler does not know why he received this grant. Was it for Revolutionary Service? Jan. 24, 1822 James McClain, executor, to George Mayfield for $510 sold 150 acres on Abner Creek of Enoree River, land left to Elizabeth McClain by her deceased husband, Charles McClain. Bordered on SE by Bennett Wilson, NE by Thomas Wood,Esq.,NW by William Tippins, SW by Samuel (unreadable). The land was originally granted by NC to Samuel Cluney on June 6, 1769 and regranted by SC to Charles McClain on Dec. 3, 1816. Witnesses: Abraham Wood and Newman Wilson. Recorded Sept. 7, 1829, Bk. U, pages 246-7 Notes for Elizabeth Moon: Estate in Spartanburg 10-10-1837 includes payment for Rachel Glenn's burying apparel although Rachel Moon Glenn did not die until 1849. Could the date of Elizabeth's death be 10-10-57? We know that Charles was in Spartanburg by Sept. 1787. September 1787 Charles McClain served as a juror in Spartanburg. (Ref: Minutes of the County Court 1785-1799 by Brent Holcomb, p. 46) He served again in March of 1788 (p. 64), and again in June of 1794 (p. 184). There was a Charles McClane enumerated in 1800 Rutherford County, N.C. and is there again in 1810. Since records show that our Charles served as a juror in Spartabburg before 1800, this could not be our Charles. It is proven that at least two of this Charles McClain's sons moved to Georgia. They were John and Josiah. His daughter Molly McClain Mayfield also moved to Cobb County, Ga. Daughter Elizabeth who married Thornton Ward moved to DeKalb County, Ga. where brother Josiah lived for a time before moving to Cobb County. Many families with the name "Moon" can be found in Cobb County between 1840 and 1880 which are believed to be relatives of this Elizabeth Moon. The history of North and South Carolina states that many Scottish families came from Pennsylvania to the Carolinas and Spartanburg. As stated earlier, it is believed that our Charles' father or grandfather came from PA. He possibly could have been an immigrant. The following are research notes: I did spend my one day at the LDS Genealogical library looking into Charles Mc Clain. I looked at the Royal Grants, but didn't find anything there. I did find a few things though that I thought I would share with you. They are as follows: 1. Land grant from State of South Carolina to Charles McClain, 195 ac surveyed for him 20 November 1816. Situated in Spartanburg District on both sides of Abner Creek, the waters of the Enoree River. Why did he receive this Land Grant? Was it for service in the American Revolution? 2. Spartanburg Dist. SC. Deed Abstracts book U-W 1827-1839: pp. 246-248 24 Jan 1822, Whereas Charles McClain decd. Spartanburg Dist, by his last will and testament gave the tract of land on which he then lived to his wife Elizabeth McClain during her natural life and after her death he bequeathed said tract of land to his son James McClain of Spartanburg Dist. for $510 payed by George Mayfield same sold all my right to the aforesaid tract of land in Spartanburg Dist on both sides of Abner Creek of Enoree River Bound: Bennbett Wilson, Thomas Wood Wm tippen Samuel Maverick. Originally granted by state of North Carolina to Samuel Cluncy for 150 acres on survey dated 6 June 1769 and since regranted to Charles McClain on 2 Dec 1816.... Witness Abraham Wood, Newman Wilson signed James McClain. Witness oath by Newman Wilson 29 Jan 1822 to Thomas Wood J. Q. Dower relinquished by Eliza McClain the wife of James McClain, 15 Nov. 1822 to Thomas Wood J. Q. Rec 7 Sept. 1829. 3. Spartanburg Dist. SC Deed Abstract book U-W 1827-1839 pp 28-29 Greenville Dist. 1 Feb 1831 , John McClain (Dekalb Co. GA.) to Thomas P. Brockman (Greenville Dist) for $70 sold all my legacy (my father Charles McClain's estate late of Spartanburg Dist.) said property now being in the hands of Elizabeth McClain of said Dist. consisting of a negro woman Pat and her two children and all other property that may be attached to said estate at the death of my mother Elizabeth McClain. And I give the said Brockman full power to collect the dividend that would fall to my share, but by it know that I have sold my interest as it stands to the said Thomas P. Brockman. Witness Nathaniel Parks, Tyree Glenn Jr. Signed John McClain. Witness oath by Tyree Glenn Jr. 1 Feb 1832 to Josiah Kilgore, J. Q. Greenville Dist. Rec 6 Feb 1832. (It appears Josiah and his brother John were both in DeKalb Ga. in 1830s. Perhaps this would explain the two James W. McClains, one being son of John the other being son of Josiah??) .............................................................................................................. 4. Spartanburg Co. District South Carolina Deed abstracts Books A-T 1785 - 1827: Mar. 15 1824 Michael Wood Spartanburg to son Abraham Wood for love and affection and $1 sold 200 acres on waters of Abner's creek of Enoree River border w - Josiah McClain......part of grant Mar 3 1794 to Michael Wood ...witness Thomas P. Brockman and Thomas Taylor.... 5. Jan 30 1822 Pennel Wood (Greenville Dist) to James McClain same for $500 sold 2094 ac on N. side Enoree R. and on Rocky Field Cr. border Robert Green, Tyre Glenn, Benjamin Green and Kilgore part of 334 ac granted aug 7 1786 to Davfd Quarles sold Sept. 21 1792 to Robert Wood resurvey 20 Jan 1822 Witness James Hammett and Josiah McClain... Dower renounced Oct. 18 1822 Elizabeth Wood to Thomas Wood. 6. Oct 20 1813 John Redman (Spart.) to Bennett Wilson paid last old Christmas past was a year sold 20 ac where Bennet Wilson lives.... on Abner Creek... Witness Robert Green and Charles McClain. Land records in Spartenburg begin in 1785, but above is earliest for Charles McClain. There is a land grant dated Mar 17, 1787 William Smith of Wiley's Fork Spartenburg to Abraham Moore for 250 ac. It is Witnessed by James McLean. Nothing else in Spartenburg for land records. He must have been there however because court records from 1785 to 1799 list him as a Juror from 1787 on. There is also a Daniel McClain mentioned once in 1786. Could Charles' father be James or Daniel? ..................................................................................................... Prior to 1785 all grants went through Charleston. I found two very interesting abstracts as follows: 1. L-4 11 June 1774 Charles McClane and Susannah his wife of Tryon County North Carolina to William Hall of Camden District SC ... on a branch of Bullocks Creek waters of Broad River granted to Robert Wood by North Carolina patent 4 Sept. 1753 then deemed in Anson County NC, adj land of Charles McKnight, Wm Watson since conveyed by Robert Wood to Charles McClane by deed 207 acres. Charles McClane LS Susannah McClane LS Wit. Ephraim McLean, Hugh Bryson, James Henry proved in Camden District before Ezekiel Polk JP> 11 June 1774. 2. Book Q-Q 28 Oct. 1755 Charles McLane Planter of Granville Co., N.C. to Samuel Nash, blacksmith of Beaufort for ...bounding on #351 E #348 S on North Street W. on Harrington Street which log #347 was granted Allen McLane 22 MAR 1745 and bequeathed by him to his son Charles. Witnesses William Cough, Thomas Parmenter. Could this Allen be the father of our Charles? There was an Allen McLean immigrant. Going on the assumption that our McClains were in that Southwest part of NC before moving or being acclimated into SC, I looked at some records in Tryon County, NC. Tryon no longer exists, but as I understand it, part of it is in present day Lincoln Co. and Rutherford, plus a number of other counties in the south eastern part of the state. The following is what I found. 1. There were various land transactions between 1769 and 1778. John McClain, John McClain Jr., Ephraim McClain, and Charles McClaine were mentioned in various land transactions. In April 1806 a Margaret McLean mentioned son Charles McClain in will. Some McClain (McLain) marriages were found in Rutherford County. Eliza McClain m. Levi Bailey, 25 Dec. 1847, Rebekah McClain m. David Byers, 30 Dec. 1800. Our Charles, b. 1750 d. Oct. 1821 inSpartanburg, S.C. As for Rev. War soldiers. There was one Charles McLane who lived and died in PA . The book "Sketches of Western North Carolina in the Revolution" shows a Charles McLean, Major from Lincoln County and an Ephraim McLean, Colonel from Tryon, N.C. Most interesting was "John McClain NC line Sol born 1760 in PA lived in Rutherford Co. NC at enlistment and later moved to Pendleton Dist. SC for 12 years, moved to Buncombe Co. NC for 22 years, then moved to Raburn Co., Ga. where he applied 7 July 1834 for a pension. He married Mary? on Jan 8 1784 in SC and she died 22 Feb 1841. He died 8 July 1844 in Raburn Co., Ga leaving children who in 1852 were David, John, Charles, and Ephraim who was age 53 in 1853 resident of Habersham Co. Ga. and James N. McClain, Margaret McClure of Habersham Ga. in 1853, Jane Porter, Anne wife of Alexander Maulden both of Habersham. The compiler of this information states John was the son of Colonel Ephraim McLean (born in Scotland, immigrant). Note: Our Charles was the right age to have served in the American Revoution. Research continues.........He also married Nancy Wood while living in Spartanburg. Could he be a son of the older Major Charles McLean, brother of Ephraim McLean? The older Immigrant Charles McLean was born before 1730 in Scotland and migrated to Pennsylania with his brother Ephraim, and perhaps Alexander. Research is continuing to prove linage and find our immigrant ancestor. Our McClain descends from the McLean Clan in Scotland. They probably were "Scotch-Irish" meaning they came to America from Ireland. I recommend reading the book "The Scottish Irish" by James G. Leyburn. Your library should have a copy. Briefly, the English and Irish were at war for decades. In the early 1600's King James I tried to settle the problem once and for all. The concept was called, "The Plantation of Ireland." What it entailed was enticing lowland Scots to Northern Ireland by offering land at low rents. The goal was to plant as many Scots as possible to prevent the native Irish from reclaiming their land. Part of the lease agreements was that the Scots would defend the land as necessary. The Scottish economy was poor. Land leases were expensive and scarce. It didn't take much to entice them to Ireland from their homeland. The term "Scotch-Irish" is actually an American invention. When the Ulster-Scots came to America, they used the term to differentiate themselves from the Catholic-Irish population. The Irish scoff at the term. Most who call themselves "Scotch-Irish" lived in Ireland for centuries. Many have never set foot in Scotland. It would be as if an American living here for centuries still referred to themselves as German. While that may be your heritage, I doubt you would visit another country and identify yourself as a German. You would undoubtedly say, "I'm an American." (My Great-grandparents were in County Down, Northern Ireland for centuries and did call themselves Scots or Scotch-Irish. Because the Scots held fast to their heritage, they did see themselves as separate and apart from native Irish. Most of them came to this country speaking Gaelic with a Scottish brogue that was unintelligible to outsiders. ............................................................................................................. This religious and cultural split is still apparent in Northern Ireland today. The Plantation was the precipitating historical event that gave birth to the present day troubles there. Misc. research findings of other Charles McClains: I am aware that there was a Charles McClain who married an Elizabeth Hughes. I am told that he and his family are buried at Gowensville Baptist Church Greenville, S.C. There was a Charles McClain who lived in Rutherford County, N.C. There was a Charles McClain, b Dec. 20, 1734 in N.C., died April 10, 1825 or April 18, 1829 in N.C. He married Marie Smith and served in the American Revolution in N.C. There was a Lt.Col. Charles McClain b, 1748 in Virginia, died 1810 in N.C. married Elizabeth MacNair on Dec. 31, 1800 in the Morgan District of Tryon County, N.C. Both he and his wife may be buried at Gowensville Baptist Church, however no grave markers can be found for them. He served in the American Revolution from N.C. Notes for ELIZABETH LURINE MOON: Elizabeth Moon was the daughter of Gideon Moon and Mary Hill Hudson. More About CHARLES MCCLAIN and ELIZABETH MOON: Marriage: Abt. 1774 Children of CHARLES MCCLAIN and ELIZABETH MOON are: i. JAMES2 MCCLAIN, b. Abt. 1775; m. ELIZA GLENN. Notes for JAMES MCCLAIN: Since James inherited the family home place it can be assumed that he remained in S.C. More About ELIZA GLENN: Name 2: Elisa Glenn ii. JENNY MCCLAIN, b. Abt. 1779; m. THOMAS M. BROCKMAN. iii. JOSIAH MCCLAIN, b. 01 Dec 1788, South Carolina; d. 21 Jul 1883, Cobb County, Georgia; m. NANCY ANN WOOD, Abt. 1808, Spartanburg, S.C.; b. 26 Aug 1790; d. 26 Nov 1867, Cobb County, Georgia. Notes for JOSIAH MCCLAIN: Descendants of this Josiah McLain spell their name several different ways, including McLane. They descend from the Scottish Clan of McLean. Josiah's father back in Spartanburg, S.C. spelled his name McClain so for the sake of indexing and generation linking, your compiler is continuining on with the name spelled "McClain". The McClains are of Scotch/Irish descent probably came to America from Ulster(Upper), Ireland where many Scots lived for about one hundred years, One particular clan of the McClane family went to Sweden where they made their fortune and a name for themselves. Charles McClain, Josiah's father could have moved to America from Sweden. This is being checked out. ....................................................................................................... Josiah and Nancy Wood McClain married before leaving South Carolina. They are listed on the 1820 S.C. cenus. They came into Georgia before 1830. They were in Franklin County, Ga. in 1837 when their son Charles P. married there. The 1830 census for Dekalb county, Ga. shows Josiah McLain-age 40-50 and with him 1 male under 5, 1 male age 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 female under 5, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 10-15 and 1 female 30-40 (probably wife Nancy). Josiah and Nancy moved to Cobb (then Cherokee County) about 1833 to the Acworth settlement which was largely Scotch-Irish Presbyterians. Josiah remained in the Acworth area until his death at age 95. He and Nancy share a joint tombstone in Mars Hill Cemetery, Acworth. Your Compiler puts flowers on their graves yearly. .......................................................................................................... Gen. Sherman burned the Cobb County Courthouse records so the deeds prior to 1865 can not be viewed to show how Josiah obtained his land in Cobb. There are two McClains, with initials of J. who had lucky draws in Ga.'s Gold Lottery Drawing in 1832. One of these could have been Josiah. One drew land located in Section 2, Dist. 1, Lot 0651. This land is located in Cobb County, Ga. The other J. McClain drew Sect drew land in Section 15, Dist. 1, Lot 01113. Not sure where this land is located, could be Cobb County. ............................................................................................................ This means that all the marriage records were also destroyed for the family in Cobb County. The maiden name of "Wood"for Nancy Ann was given by R. H. McCleskey, son of Malinda McCleskey Davenport, as his Grandmother's maiden name on Malinda (McLain) Davenport's death certificate in 1924. Several military maps of 1864 show the correct location of the McClain and Peters houses. There is a McLain Road in the Mars Hill vicinity. Official military records indicate that the McClain house and plantation was occupied by elements of the 2nd and 3rd divisions of the 20th Army (Federal) of the Army of the Cumberland between June 2 and 6, 1864. Family legend states that Nancy McClain cooked a meal for a Union General. This could have been General Thomas. ...................................................................................................... 1840 Census for Cobb County - Josiah McLain - age 40-50 and with him 1 male 5-10, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 10-15 and 1 female 50-60 (probably wife Nancy). On the same page of this census there is a James W. McLain which is thought to be the one born in 1814. There were two James W. McLains(McClains) in Dekalb County in 1840. The one born in 1811 stayed there and he is not presumed to be the son of this Josiah and Nancy. There was also a William S. McLain in Dekalb whose parents cannot be identified. The reason that the James W. McLain, born 1814 is thought to be the son of this Josiah is because he named his first son Josiah. There was a family naming tradition back then that the first son was named for the father's father. Josiah can not be found in any census in 1850. However, he was found in the 1860 census of Cobb County, Ga., page 126 (Acworth): Josiah McLain, head of house, age 72 farmer, born in S.C. Ann, wife, age 69 keeping house, born ? W.G.B. age 29, farmer, b. Georgia Pamelia, age 29, keeping house, born Ga. J.P. age 9, b.Ga. Z.E. age 8, b. Ga. Sarah, age 6, b. Ga. P.A.M., age 3, b. Ga. Infant, age 1, b. Ga. 1870 census of Cobb Co., Ga. page 230, Acworth township is as follows: Josiah McLain, age 83, b. S.C. Nearby is his daughter Malinda McCleskey and family, as well as Pamelia (Permelia McLain and family. 1880, District 27, Acworth, Cobb, Georgia (Film T9-0141, page 13D) reads as follows: Josiah McLain, age 91, b. Ga, fa GA, mo.b. GA (this is not true). They were born in S.C. and why is the name on his headstone spelled JOSAH ? ........................................ Homer McLeskey, gdson, age 3 months, b. GA Emaline McLain, daugL., age 50, b. GA David P. McLain, son, age 20, b. GA John McLain, son, age 18, b. GA. After Nancy died in 1867, his daughter-in-law Emaline (widow of William Greenberry McLain) moved in the house with Josiah. Cobb Co. Court records show that Josiah gave his home and 160 acres in 1866 to Permelia Emaline McLain and her six children. Living next door in 1880, is his daughter Malinda McCleskey Davenport and her children. No will or estate settlement can be found in Cobb County for Josiah. He gave his daughter Melinda McClain McCleskey (before she remarried) 80 acres of land and some mules. And then he gave to his widowed daughter-in-law Permelia 160 acres of land, so evidently he had nothing left at his death. Josiah and Nancy probably had more children than is shown here. It is possible that they had a Robert and a John as well as Silas and T. T. McClain. Several people have contributed to this McClain research, namely Jean McClain Barton of Cobb County, John Reese of Uram, Utah and Jimmie Howard, , Canyon, Texas. LaJaun Lee from Woodstock, Ga. has been researching John McClain, for about four years and has contributed also. Her "John" is a brother of this Josiah (both sons of Charles of Spartanburg, S.C.) It would be nice if we could find our immigrant ancestor. There are many McLain(McClains) buried in the Mars Hill Church Cemetery, Acworth, Ga. Your compiler, is a descendant of a Jesse Peter,Sr (Rev.Sol.) who won the land in the 1832 Ga. Lottery where the cemetery is located in the 1832 Ga. Lottery. Jesse Peters, Sr. gave it to his grandson Dr. James Peters who was the first dentist in Cobb County, Ga. in 1850. James Peters gave the land where the old Mars Hill Church and Cemetery is located for the purpose of building the church, etc(old church now gone). Jesse Peters and the McLains were neighbors, but not related. The Peters family had their own private cemetery near their home and none of their descendants are buried at Mars Hill. The Minutes of the church from 1837-1874 have survived though Sherman's Armies destroyed the courthouse records. These microfilm can be found at the Georgia Room, Marietta Library, Marietta, Ga.which verify my statements here. See these minutes below. "McLain, McClain, and Some McCleskey Info., August 13, 1866, Mars Hill Church Minutes: Mr. P. McClain Mrs. Lora McClain Mr. James McClain Mr. William McClain Miss M. McClain Mrs. Jane McLain William and Mrs. M. J. McClain, baptised child Charles Fuller, April 1868. James and Mrs. Lora McClain baptised child Nancy Nov. 1865. William and Mrs. M. J. McClain baptised George Milton 14 April 18?? James and E. McClain baptised John Franklin 14 April 18??. William M. McCleskey baptised Daniel Sterges 9 July 1848 William A. ? McCleskey baptised Mary Ann 7 June 1850 James and Lora McClain baptised Lora Ellen Aug. 1873 Mrs. A. P. McLain received certificate 14 April 18? - deceased ? Mr. A.P. McClain deceased 29 May 1920. Homer McLeskey received cert. 17 Aug. 1893, deceased 19? Mrs. Alice McLain, deceased 29 May 1920 Hariett McLeskey received cert. 12 Aug. 1894 - deceased ? Mrs. D. F. McLain - Dec. 11, 1904 - dismissed to Presby. Church at Acwoth Warren McLain - 14 Aug. 1902 - left church for Baptist. Virgie McLain 19 Aug. 1904 - deceased 9 June ? Walter McLain, 19 Aug. 1904 - deceased 9 June ? Miss Odessia McLain 21 Aug. 1904 - retired ? T. H. McLeskey, Jan. 14, 1906, received certificate Mrs. T. H. McLeskey Jan. 14, 1906 " " W. D. McLeskey Jan. 14, 1906 " " J. C. McLeskey, Jan. 14, 1906 " " Mrs. T. H. McLain, died 20 Aug. 1927 J. C. McLeskey, left for Atlanta 11 July 1915 Miss Alice McLain 12 Aug. 19087 examination - went to Mississippi. Leroy McLeskey, 17 Aug. 1907 dismissed by letter Feb. ? Miss Julia mcLeskey 10 Aug. 1908 left in 1929 Hollis McCleskey 10 Aug. 1908 left for Atlanta 10 Aug 1909 went to Atlanta Mrs. Lillian McCleskey 19 Aug. 1909 went to Atlanta Miss Bertha McLain -14 Aug. 1909 received certificate Earnet McClain received cert. 14 Aug. 1909 Miss Cora McLain, received cert. 20 Aug. 1910, dismissed for ? Mr. Horace McLain received cert. 16 Aug. 1912 Agnes McLain received cert. 21 Aug. 1914 David Brewster mcLain examination 9 May 1915 John B. McLain, 14 Aug. 1915 Mrs. William and Mary Jane McLain baptised Milton Smith McLain d13 Dec. 1874. James and Lora McLain baptised Lula Jane McLain 6 June 1874 A.P. McLain and Hettie McLain baptised Alice Elizabeth McClain 14 Feb . ? Ima Lois McLain, 11 Sept. 1921 gone to Baptist Church B. McLain, 17 Aug. 1922 gone to Baptist Church P. McLain 13 Aug. 1866 - gone to Baptist James McLain, 18? dismissed to Methodist Church Miss M.M. McLain deceased 20 Dec. 1881 Jane McLain 29 May 1899 deceased Sally McLain - exam. 5 Jan. 1875 - retired C.P. McLain, examination 5 Jan. 1875 Elizabeth McClain - 10 Nov. 1877 received cert. 1882 gone to Baptist. T. H. McCleskey, 9 April 1905 - went to Texas Homer M. McLain - 1903 (went to Ark) - ordained as Minister David F. McLain, examination 17 Aug. 1993 - deceased ? Edward McLain, examination 16 Aug. 1896 - went to Ark. Mamie McLain, 19?? dismissed to Methodist Warren McClain, 1902 dismissed to Acworth" ............................................................................................................ As you can see from above, our McClains have contributed greatly to the development of Cobb County, as well as Carroll County, Ga. where some still reside. They are still upright citizens of the communities in which they live. More About JOSIAH MCCLAIN: Burial: Buried at Mars Hill Cemetery, Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia Notes for NANCY ANN WOOD: Nancy is probably the daughter of Michael Wood. Abraham and Thomas witnessed Charles McClain's Will in Spartanburg, S.C. Were they Nancy's brothers? John H. Wood, b. S.C. age 60 on the 1870 Cobb Co., Acworth Dist., census is probably Nancy's brother or nephew. Research is continuing..... Lots of research done on the Moon and Wood lineage by Susan Brock Booker, 527 Chalmers Mt. Rd., Walhalla, SC 29691, Email: More About NANCY ANN WOOD: Burial: Buried at Mars Hill Cemetery, Acworth, Cobb County, Georgia More About JOSIAH MCCLAIN and NANCY WOOD: Marriage: Abt. 1808, Spartanburg, S.C. iv. POLLY MCCLAIN, b. Abt. 1790; d. Probably Cobb Co., GA; m. GEORGE MAYFIELD, Abt. 1812; b. 1790, Greenville County, S.C.; d. 29 Oct 1852, Cobb County, Georgia. Notes for POLLY MCCLAIN: Polly McClain Mayfield was Josiah McLain's sister. More About POLLY MCCLAIN: Burial: Probably Mars Hill Cemetery, Cobb Co., Ga. Notes for GEORGE MAYFIELD: George Mayfield was the son of Abraham and Martha Jones Mayfield. His lineage has been traced back to England and is as follows. Parents of Abraham Mayfield, b. 1750 Culpepper Co., Ga., d. 1842 Greenville Co., S.C. were: Thomas Mayfield, Sr. b. 1716, Va., d. July 9, 1803, Greenville County, S.C. he married Anne ? Thomas was the son of Abraham Mayfield, born 1679 in Essex County, VA, died 1778 Granville Co., N.C. he married Elizabeth ?, b. 1687 in VA, d. abt. 1726 Bute County, NC. The immigrant was Robert Mayfield, Sr. b. 1635 England, d. Dec. 3, 1714 in Virginia. He married Sarah ? 1678 in VA. Sarah born 1640 died 1716. They had 8 children, one of which was Abraham. Lineage info. was contributed by Leigh C. Smith, a descendant, Email: More About GEORGE MAYFIELD: Burial: Probably Mars Hill Cemetery, Cobb County, Ga. More About GEORGE MAYFIELD and POLLY MCCLAIN: Marriage: Abt. 1812 v. ELIZABETH MCCLAIN, b. Abt. 1792, Probably South Carolina; d. 27 Sep 1868, Probably Decatur, Georgia; m. THORNTON WARD; b. 09 Nov 1792, South Carolina; d. 26 Jun 1826, Decatur, Georgia. Notes for THORNTON WARD: The information on this family was found in WFT Vol. 12, T4352, submitted by: vi. NANCY MCCLAIN, b. 1793, Spartanburg, S.C.; d. Bef. 1870, Spartanburg, S.C.; m. JAMES LEONARD, 1815; b. 25 Dec 1791, N.C.; d. 13 Sep 1880, Spartanburg, S.C.. Notes for JAMES LEONARD: This information for this couple and their descendants found on Vol. 44, Tree 0132 of World Family Tree Maker. Also some contributed by Horace Gilbert. In the Carolina Spartan newspaper dated Dec. 8, 1880 there appeared a "Tribute of Respect" to James Leonard. The following information is taken from that article written by R. H. Reid, President of Trustees and J. C. Anderson, Secretary and Treaurer of Reidville School for Girls. "James Leonard came from North Carolina as a young boy and settled near Reidville. He had been a school teacher in the earlier years of his life. He was a deputy surveyor and surveyed much of the land in Greenville and S;artanburg counties. He was mnoted for the accuracy of his work and the beauty of his plats. Although he was a believer in God, he was not a member of any church. He died of pneumonia and was buried at Vernonsville. Editorial note: The section of Spartanburg County that now encompasses Wellford, Duncan and Lyman was known as Vernonsville. The exact location of his grave is unknown but some reports say that he buried in "the longest grave" in the Duncan Baptist Church Cemetery. The grave is unmarked." Will of James Leonard dated August 15, 1879 filed Sept. 21, 1880, Bk. F, Pgs 69-70 "I James Leonrd of Welford (sic) in the state and county aforesaid do make and publish this my last will and testament. 1st I give and devise and bequeath my estate and property, real and person, as follows, that is to say, I desire that after my decrease my body be directly buried and that the expense for the burial be paid by my Executor or Executrix as the case may be. 2nd I give, devise and bequeath all my property or estate both real and personal to my beloved wife Elizabeth Leonard during her natural life or widowhood and at the death or marriage of the said Elizabeth Leonard I direct that all my estate both real and personal be sold to the highest bidder at public (sic) auction and that the proceeds of said sale be deposited in the hands of the board of trustees of the Reidville Female High School, the interes of said proceeds (unreadable) to be used by said Trustees for the purpose of educating any worthy indigent or poor scholars attending said school or said interest may be used otherwise if in the discretion of said board it would be more to the interest and advantage of said institution (explanation). Having divided amongst my children as I have been able therefore in my lifetime I have reasons for the foregoing disposition of my estate which are satisfactory to myself and I leave my children and others to form their own reasons and opinions. Thereby revoke, anull and make void any and all former wills and testament or bequest by me heretofore made. Thereby appoint my wife Elizabeth Leonard and her nephew Thomas Pearson, Executrix and Executor of this my lalst will and testament. Signed, sealed, declared published and pronounced in presence of: M. F. Bright, W. W. Harley, M.M. Harley James was the son of Jonas Leonard and Sarah Lanford. More About JAMES LEONARD: Date born 2: 21 Dec 1791 Military service: Bet. 1861 - 1865, Co.C,22nd SCV, Civil WAR More About JAMES LEONARD and NANCY MCCLAIN: Marriage: 1815 vii. JOHN MCCLAIN, b. Abt. 1794, Spartanburg, S.C.; d. Abt. 1849, Cobb County, Gerogia; m. (1) UNKNOWN, Abt. 1810, South Carolina; d. Bef. 1820; m. (2) PHILIPINA GLENN, Abt. 1820, South Carolina; b. Abt. 1800, Spartanburg, S. C.; d. 1849, Edisto River, South Carolina near Branchville. Notes for JOHN MCCLAIN: John and Piney are reported to have lived in Tate, Ga. for a time. John McClain moved to Meriwether Co., Ga. before 1840 then Dekalb County, Ga. He is probably the father of the James W. McClain, b. 1811 and the William S. McClain, b. 1814 that are found in Dekalb County on the 1850 Dekalb County census. Two of John McClains' daughters lived and died in Meriwether County. Two of their daughters died of yellow fever in Savannah, Ga. Some research was done on this John McClain by Newton Clark McClain and passed to LaJuan Lee (a descendant) of Woodstock, Ga. Research also done by William A. DeCaindry of Washington, D.C. A John McClain drew in the 1832 Gold Lottery of Ga. It was a lucky draw, the land was located in what is now Cobb Co., Ga. Section 19, Dist. 3, Lot 0399. It is not known whether John moved to Cobb County. More About JOHN MCCLAIN: Burial: Probably buried in Cobb or DeKalb County, Ga. More About JOHN MCCLAIN and UNKNOWN: Marriage: Abt. 1810, South Carolina Notes for PHILIPINA GLENN: Philippina was the daughter of Tyre Glenn and Rachel Moon. "Piney" as she was called began a journey from her home in GA to SC in 1849. The wagon was swept down the river in a fishnet and she was drowned with her youngest child, Margaret. Piney had left the other children with her eldest daughter Francis Adelaide. Piney drowned in 1849. See below. The following information is printed verbatim per letter written by Ruby Geutel, Evansville, Ind. mailed to Robert Lee McClain, her cousin. "Oh, I never heard any story of Piney Glenn except a tragic one. I told you I was born Aug. 8, 1891 and I was 9 or 10 years old and there were many people, old ones, who remembered Piney Glenn and John McClain. This is the way I heard the story: Piney received a letter from relatives (it seems that her mother was ill) and it took twenty-five cents at the time to bring the letter. Of course it was at least two weeks in transit but whoever wrote the letter (I always thought it was someone living with and caring for her mother -- traditional stories are never true altogether, but in the letter she was urged to come back to the Enoree River with her relatives and see her mother so that was her plan. After she received this letter, she made preparations to return to Enoree River, S .C. (we have Spartanburg and Greenville Counties) where she had relatives. She took the older children to a married daughter or daughters and bundled up the baby to take her back home to South Carolina. She got passage on a wagon transit. People used to do that - take passage on a traveling caravan. There was some effort made to trace her - she never arrived in South Carolina. Her children wrote to relatives. I was under the impression it was Rachel Moon's house where they wrote to and Piney Glenn had not come. Inquiry was made around Enoree River and about the time she was lost a wagon caravan had washed away at the North fork of the Edisto River. The wagon caravan was trying to ford the river. One or two of the horses were found and held by people in that vicinity but none of the passengers were ever located. It was after a severe rain and the river was high and turbulent. Piney Glenn and daughter Margaret were washed away. I believe you can safely believe this story. I heard also, mouth to mouth, stories of people who knew this lovely girl. They said she was pretty, refined, and of strong character." Piney's sister Eliza Glenn married James McClain, John's brother (sisters married brothers). Research shows that the Glenn family came from Lunenberg, Virginia. More About JOHN MCCLAIN and PHILIPINA GLENN: Marriage: Abt. 1820, South Carolina

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