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July 21, 2004

Wow, it's been awhile. Sorry about that....I've been doing two jobs and the time never seem to come to write in my blog. I haven't been doing much. The Sears Protrait Gallary has pratically offered me a job, and I don't know if I want to apply for it. I kind of my plate full with jobs right now.....maybe though I could take a third job! Ya....right! my passprt photo, and Dr. Copeland said that he would certify me identiy. Yayness! I think I'll get that done today. And I got my hair cut!!!!! The sleek, Europeian look, or so says Dr. Copeland. LOL . I was going to die my hair again, but I think I'll just keep it black. but with my passport papers, I don't know what colour hair I have. I mean, it's really a very very very dark brown, that looks black. So should I put black? I'm really confussed about this.

I found this online web comic that I am officaillly in love with. If you are not a nerd, and if you do not know l33t then you probably won't like this comic, but I susgest everyone should give it a read....I love

Ummm.......I've lost some weight! Mostly because I haven't been's hard doing nights!!!!!!! I feel into the trash bin while was funny. my shirt flew up and everything, and I flashed some people a good look at my bra. The same night I was also opening a box and my hand sliped and I punched myself in the mouth, which was highly entertaining, but it really rather hurt. my head the entire night. Near the end, Amanda came up to me and asked if I would stay another day....i.e. come in on my day off. I said no.....that these acidents were signs from God that I needed a day off. That was my 7th day in a row...I needed a break. So yesturday I got off at work at 7 am and i went out with part of the gang......I stayed up all a complete 30 hrs of wakefullness...I was tired! LOL. The record I've done is 41 hrs so I guess I still had some layway...

But I do believe that's all. Just to let everyone knows on the left panal I have a quote that changes each time I update the Blog. Have a good day and wish me luck!

July 7, 2004

Well, got a call from Starbucks. Missed a shift, and because I worked the night before I couldn't go in. It wasn't laziness, it was just that I was soo tired from the night shift that i couldn't go in. Now I have to quit Starbucks.....Yay for my life.

On the brighter side I'm going to see Micheal Moore's new movie this friday with Stefie, and I think tomorrow I'm going to see Spiderman! *Breaks out in musical number* "SiperMAN! SpiderMAN! Does whatever a Spider can!"

Ummm......That's about all. I've been working alot as of late, but I don't mind. Each day worked brings me closer to my trip to Italy!!!!!!

July 2, 2004

Well, my firend Stefie asked me to update the blog so here I am!

I got a new job at WalMart! Fun as always, but it's getting hard carrying both jobs.....I think I'm going to quit Starbucks.....if WalMart doesn't fire me first. LOL

welll...I've been dreaming werid......Like I dreamt of Ali (A completely kool person I met at Fourm),l and I dreamt of my friends older brother (Who happens to cute, no matter what Emily says), and I keep dreaming of Italy. Maybe this is fancifull of me, but I get this when you see an old teapot of your great grandmothers. It's a feeling of connecting with roots; of knowing that this is your family, your culture, and your history. Maybe it is because the Italians of my family never really liked me much. And now I'm going to Italy, the 'Mother Country", and I don't know what's more respectful than that.

Just had Canada's day. Moncton actually had some good fireworks this year. I was working, but we closed early (Sheesh! Don't tell anyone) and went and saw the fireworks. I don't know....bright and shiny things in the sky just made my day! LOL! I was completely entranced by them. And it was was good. It made me happy.

Aaron's left for Cadet Camp untill Aug 21.....sigh! whine!.......I want him here!!!!!

My friend jesse got back together with her ex...and my other friend has a boyfriend.......which makes me want to have one too~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If there's a spare guy out there, drop me an email. LOL

Ummm...what else????? Wrote a new poem, but I'm not going to subject you to that. It's just too cruel......

I thinks that's all! Wait!!!! Going to see Micheal moore's new movie......score! I can't wait! But the way it's turning out it's going to be just Stefie and I......

June 20, 2004

Well...I was no came up that there was this person online who was saying some pretty Christian Fundalmentalists things...."All Non-Christians will go to Hell". That pissed me off....I mean, blind faith serves no one. "There is more faith in homest doubt/Than believe me, half the creeds"........but I'm too tired to care right at the moment.........*SIGH* Don't argue with the fool.

I'm working with Aaron tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYNESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait! LOL. I might just show up early because he usually does. LOL WOW! I'm more happy about this than I should be, but so what? it get's my mind off of the fundalmentalist!

June 17, 2004

Well, tomorrow is the fated day-Report Card Day! Is it a fail? A pass? A report worth some money? All will be reveiled at tomorrows ganza! Don't forget to bring all your shattered dreams and hopes! They may be restorted!

I've decided I'm going to carry around a camera with me. I see many beautiful things in the world but neither have the talent or inclanation to paint or draw them. So I'll take a picture instead. It's like the lazy man's way to art. Tired of slaving away at a canvas!? Does your art work never compare to the real thing? Than take a photograph! That way God's Glamour is already made fo you, all you have to do is hit a button! Yes, I like the lazy man art, and I wish to master it! *BWAHAHAHAHA*

Anyway! What did I do today! To tell you the truth really nothing at all. I lounged. It was nice. Wished I was at the beach. Really want to go to the beach, and write a novel just like Margret Atwood. Let's see how many garmmar rules I can break with only one page! Great peice of writing by not following any laws of writing! All I need is a rambling mind, a spare computer, and the intent to create something....timeless! I wonder if I could put random letters on a page, call it a great novel AND a peice of art! Break into two businesses with only one half assed effort! Wow, my way is set!

New Layout! June 15, 2004

I want out of my depressing mood so I changed the layout!

Am I jealous person? Maybe....I was reading Stefie's site and for my 'recipe' I had to be jealous. Am I? Maybe...I'm jealous of lots of things. I'm jealous of people in love, I'm jealous of people who never had to do anything in their entire life, and I'm jealous of people who have talent. But that's partly normal isn't it? I don't know, and I really don't want to add on to the list of my faults today...I'm allready reeling from today's list.

Lately my parents have been yelling at seems like constanly. I can't do anything right. I end up yelling at them, but not because I want to yell, but because that's the only way they will LISTEN to me! If I don't yell I get pushed over, and trampled on. I try to leave, because all I want is some peace, and they call me back, and block my way out. Do they really like the advantage they have over me? Do they like to have that power...from even letting me leave? I never seem to have privacy and peace. If I go upstaries, Mum calls, "Where are you Kat-Y?". If I go to the bathroom it's, "Who's in there? Are you comming out soon?" if I go downstaries, every few minutes I hear, "When are you comming up? Can you do this and that, and find the cure for cancer?" Can't I have a little peace for just a fucking minute!

I was on the phone and Stefie said that using the entire, "I'm a weak female" retuine demeans all women. I don't think I agree. It's just another way of fighting. I'm using what was given to me, and if the males want to fall for that, then they are the idiots.

I was speaking to Aaron about the 'noblity' of work. He believes that Telemarketers don't have that noblitly. I happen to believe that any job is honorable, if you are making your own money. But, hey! What do I know! I'm just a child on a power trip!

I'm tired of taking blame...I'm tired of people patting me on the head, telling me I'm a good girl, and treating me as a child. I hate to say this, but even my friends are like this, "Don't do this, and don't do that." I'm really tired of it. I'm really tired of playing a role. I'm really tired of having to be someone who is not me. But do you know what's the worst of it all? I don't know the real me any more at all! I say to myself, "Today, I'll be just me" but I don't know who that is! I don't know Kaitlin Genesis is if she is not being a child, clown or bitch. And I'm sick and funcking tired of being these three.

I've snapped a few times at my family....I told my dad yesturday, to leave me alone, and stop attacking me! I've said those words, or a varation of a sorts to my brother, my mother, and even my dogs. You'd figure someone would pick up a hint? I'm bitchy! leave me alone!

I'm listening to the debates on television......they started using Cancer as a crtuch, "I know people who are wondering if they will have to pay with their credit cards to recieve treatment in Canad!" No, you don't! Don't use something that is so close to people's hearts as your fucking crutch! Plus Bloc Quebecios, "This is the way Quebec does it and the way the entire world should do it!" Well, ladedada! Good for you! Good luck with that!

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