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Rearranging the letters of 'limey sugar' gives:

I'm ugly arse.
Ugly armies.
I'm ugly ears.
Mailer guys.
Yum! is large.
Gray muesli.
Is glum year.
I'm gay rules.
I am sly urge.
I'm a sly urge.
Am ugly rise.
I ugly smear.
Argue slimy.
As my uglier.
I'm real guys.
I'm sly, argue.
Amuse girly.
Ugly. A miser.
I ear smugly.
Guy realism.
I smug layer.
I smug relay.
I glum years.
I'm a sly urge.
A slimy urge.
Yum! I glares.
Use grim lay.
Yum! is glare.
Yum! lies rag.
I'm ugly as re.
Yum! girl sea.
Am girly use.
I'm ugly eras.
I'm ugly sear.
Is early gum.
Is early mug.
Ya! glum rise.
Is ugly mare.
Is ugly ream.
I, smugly. Are.
I, smugly. Era.
Gay rum lies.
Grimly a sue.
Ugly as mire.
I gum slayer.
I mug slayer.
Ugly aims re.
Liar guys me.
Guy lies arm.
Guy lies ram.
Yum! 'e's a girl.
Urge sly aim.
Yes glum air.
Rim ugly sea.
Use may girl.
I measly rug.
I early, smug.
A. Grimly use.
Lame guy sir.
Surly image.
I a gyms rule.
Is a gym rule.
I my large us.
I'm. Slug year.
Smug ray lie.
Use gym liar.
Grim lay sue.
Am girly sue.
Mislay urge.
Yum! lag rise.
My! use a girl.
I'm gay lures.
Gym as I rule.
I mugs early.
Ugly as rime.
I guys realm.
Yum! air legs.
Yum! sir gale.
Am ugly sire.
Guy mailers.
I layers gum.
I layers mug.
I layer mugs.
I relay mugs.
I ugly maser.
I ugly reams.
Lie guys arm.
Lie guys ram.
Mail grey us.
Ya! slim urge.
A grisly emu.
Guy me liars.
Guy lies mar.
May lies rug.
Yes gum liar.
Yes mug liar.
Ray lies gum.
Ray lies mug.
Rim guy sale.
Grime lay us.
Is. Glue army.
My! urge sail.
Male guy sir.
Gray sum lie.
Gray us mile.
My! Sure! I lag.
A guy smiler.
A smug, I rely.
Ear slim guy.
I a gym rules.
May sue girl.
My! a rug lies.
A girly muse.
I'm. Guy laser.
I'm surly age.
Gay, slim rue.
Is gray mule.
Is grey maul.
Glue may sir.
My! I rule gas.
My! a sue girl.
I'm a rye slug.
Yum! rag isle.
Slim guy are.
Slim guy era.
Gym sue liar.
My! I slug are.
My! I slug ear.
My! I slug era.
Girly as emu.
Guy lie arms.
Guy sir meal.
Rely as I gum.
Rely as I mug.
My! I slag rue.
Yum! lie rags.
I'm. Lays urge.
My! glue a sir.
Ya! slime rug.
I. 'e's ugly arm.
I. 'e's ugly ram.
Guys rim ale.
Lie guys mar.
Ales rim guy.
I, guy realms.
I a mugs rely.
My sugar lie.
Yes mail rug.
Ya! smile rug.
Guys rail me.
Yum! slag ire.
Ray mugs lie.
Guys mail re.
Gay, rum isle.
Use rail gym.
I'm. Slay urge.
I. Am sly urge.
Rim seal guy.
Yum! is regal.
I'm. Surge lay.
Rug as my lie.
Glue rim say.
Is a glum rye.
Ya! rug Miles.
Ya! is glum re.
Gaily re sum.
Gaily use Mr.
Ugly sir. A me.
IE ugly arms.
Guy mails re.
Yum! rig sale.
Yum! eg liars.
Yum! leg a sir.
Is. Layer gum.
Is. Layer mug.
Is. Relay gum.
Is. Relay mug.
Rely, is a gum.
Rely, is a mug.
I my rug sale.
I my glare us.
Ugly, 'e's a rim.
Yum! I slag re.
My! I lag user.
Ya! uglier Ms.
Limey sugar.
A misery lug.
Smugly I a re.
Ugly me airs.
Gum lay rise.
Mug lay rise.
I smeary lug.
Is. Guy realm.
Yum! is. Lager.
Yum! sail erg.
I gums early.
A girly us me.
Ya! glum sire.
A guy lies Mr.
I surly game.
I gray mules.
I grey mauls.
I glues army.
Is my rug ale.
Is my rue lag.
Say rug mile.
Gum yes rail.
Mug yes rail.
Ya! muse girl.
Gaily, 'e's rum.
Is. Am ugly re.
Guy isle arm.
Guy isle ram.
Guy lie Mars.
I layer gums.
I relay gums.
My airs glue.
I. 'e's glum ray.
I'm a rye slug.
I. 'e's ugly mar.
My air glues.
Ya! is rum leg.
I a smug lyre.
I as glum rye.
I slug ray me.
Ya! slug mire.
I ugly Mr sea.
I surly, mega.
Slug airy me.
Yum! ale rigs.
Yum! airs leg.
Use yam girl.
IE ugly Mars.
Yum! ales rig.
Gay mule sir.
I a gyms lure.
Is a gym lure.
Sail gym rue.
Rail gym sue.
I gum sly are.
I gum sly ear.
I gum sly era.
I mug sly are.
I mug sly ear.
I mug sly era.
My! I seal rug.
My! arise lug.
My! raise lug.
Smug lay ire.
Glum say ire.
Ya! emu girls.
Limey as rug.
Yum! sire lag.
I re smug lay.
I re glum say.
Say emu girl.
Gum ray isle.
Mug ray isle.
Ya! glue rims.
A lie guys Mr.
Yum! rig seal.
Gym as I lure.
I real gym us.
I sly, rum age.
I my rug ales.
I am. Slug rye.
Slug aim rye.
I ear ugly Ms.
'e's airy, glum.
I'm. Earl guys.
'em guys liar.
Guy isle mar.
I a gym lures.
I relays gum.
I relays mug.
Lay rug semi.
I leg army us.
May rug isle.
I'm. Year lugs.
I leg ray sum.
I'm. Rays glue.
Ya! slug rime.
Ugly rise ma.
I am surly eg.
I'm a surly eg.
I a grey slum.
I a gums rely.
I'm. Lay urges.
IE army slug.
Slug may ire.
My! a rug isle.
I'm. Ray glues.
Ya! lug miser.
Ya! us girl me.
Leg airy sum.
A. Smugly. Ire.
Guys lair me.
Guy rims ale.
Guy rams lie.
I a surly gem.
I, lay us germ.
I slug re may.
Ray gums lie.
Gaily. Sue Mr.
Air guys elm.
Guy rails me.
Guy lie as Mr.
Use lair gym.
Lay guise Mr.
My! I arse lug.
Say guile Mr.
Ya! mile rugs.
Ya! I rum legs.
Yam lies rug.
Girly USA me.
I ugly Ms are.
I ugly Ms era.
My! a slug ire.
My! rag us lie.
My! leg us air.
I leg rum say.
I lag rum yes.
Ya! guile Mrs.
Re a slim guy.
My rug aisle.
My lieu rags.
Is a lyre gum.
Is a lyre mug.
Yam sue girl.
My! I lure gas.
I rule gay Ms.
I, sagely. Rum.
Glue yam sir.
My! I slug a re.
I'm. Years lug.
Ya! glues rim.
I, guy sale Mr.
Gum yes lair.
Mug yes lair.
I'm a rye lugs.
Rag limey us.
Guy air elms.
I'm. Gays rule.
Lyre as I gum.
Lyre as I mug.
May lie rugs.
I my us lager.
'e's ugly, I a Mr.
Guy me lairs.
I, asylum erg.
May lug rise.
My! a lie rugs.
Is my lug are.
Is my lug ear.
Is my lug era.
I guys ale Mr.
I seal guy Mr.
I a lyre mugs.
My! a lug rise.
I glue say Mr.
Rays gum lie.
Rays mug lie.
Ya! I'm. Slug re.
Guys rim lea.
'em, guy liars.
Easy rim lug.
Gaily. Rue Ms.
IE ugly as Mr.
I a sly rug me.
Lay mugs ire.
I my are lugs.
I my lugs ear.
I my era lugs.
Ray guile Ms.
Ya! I glue Mrs.
I'm a surly eg.
Gum sire lay.
Mug sire lay.
I my regal us.
Yes glum IRA.
I'm. Leg ray us.
Use girly ma.
Grimy us ale.
IE ugly rams.
A guy lie Mrs.
Lair gym sue.
A limey rugs.
Yum! a sir gel.
Gay lieu Mrs.
My! I lag ruse.
Ugly, 'em a sir.
A guy isle Mr.
Yum! is. Lag re.
Am Suey girl.
I rag sly emu.
I re lay mugs.

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