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There were hundreds of victims. The tapes were discovered over six years ago. To date there has been only one prosecution involving the three original accusers. With the widespread publicity this case has received, is it reasonable to assume that the other hundred or so wouldn't have come forward by now?
Andrew Luster's defense "made up" the idea of his amateur movie production. Not true. Andrew Luster was in business under the company name Deep Six Films and produced several soft-core titles, among them Babes N Waves I&II depicting topless women surfing.
The "attacks" were brutal and Andrew Luster was gratuitously sadistic and cruel. He inserted a lighted cigarette into the vagina of one of the women. The cigarette incident was a silly, childish, typically male, attempt at humor.There were no burns. No blood, no pain or soreness the next day? Recall the testimony of the accusers-supposedly unaware the sex had even taken place for up to four years later.
Eighty-seven counts. Stemming from only three incidents involving three "victims." The jury deadlocked on the 87th in the case of Tonja "Doe" due to lack of credibility after she was forced to admit she took GHB recreationally and allowed the video taping.See Transcript.
Andrew Luster the "Millionaire PlayBoy" worth 80 million and living in a "mansion" on the beach.
He lived on a small allowance of $50,000 a year, a significant part of which went for child support. His home was a modest cottage on which the taxes were unpaid. He lived in an area of California with an exceptionally high cost of living. His trust fund was $204,875.00 in debt.
The police found GHB and "date rape drugs" at his house. The vials siezed by police in the search,a collection of small, screw-top bottles bearing hand-lettered labels like "knock-out drops," "frigid fluid" and "lollypop juice" were tested and confirmed in court to contain only water. Mr. Luster contended throughout the trial that they were props for his movie production. No GHB was ever found. Not in his house, not in his motel room, and not in toxicology tests on the accusers. Dog Chapman continues to spread this lie and many others throughout the media.

Mr. Luster is an "international rapist" and was travelling with five bodyguards at the time of his abduction. Andrew Luster spoke to Dog Chapman on his cell-phone and e-mailed him with taunts before Chapman arrived in Mexico. Chapman and crew located Andrew Luster in a disco and discovered him rubbing his hands gleefully, "on the prowl" for his next victim. He "preyed on" young Mexican women. Finally, that Duane Chapman found a "rape kit" complete with GHB, plastic handcuffs, Andrew Luster's motel room in Peurta Vallarta.

In fact Chapman located Andrew Luster at a Taco stand-not a nightclub as he claims! The police in Mexico never got a complaint of rape or found any credibility in Mr. Chapman's preposterous claims. Mr. Luster denies speaking to Duane Chapman or e-mailing him at any time prior to the night he was "arrested" in Mexico. The timeline of events makes it utterly impossible for Duane Chapman or anyone from his group to have been in Mr. Luster's motel room at any time. He can't have gained access to the hotel room PRIOR TO the arrest and AFTERWARD he and his crew were in jail cell alongside Andrew. The motel room in Puerta Vallarta was searched and the contents removed BEFORE Chapman or anyone in his group made bail. Duane Chapmans' claims that a "rape kit" complete with GHB and plastic handcuffs were found in the motel room, and that Andrew was travelling with five body-guards, was discredited immediately by reporters from the Ventura County Star, motel staff, and mexican police. All denied that anything of the kind was found in the room itself or in the trash. In fact, the only items found or photographed were surfboards,toiletries, a camera, and a journal. Not that the facts would trouble Chapman. He continues to repeat the same tired lie to any media who will give him airtime. Anyone in doubt about this is hereby challenged to find any PRIMARY source for these claims. Good luck.

Andrew Luster had a fair trial. Andrew Luster was not even permitted a defense. The tapes of Tonja looking into the camera and asking how her hair looked were excluded. The tape of Andrew Luster scolding one of the women for looking too awake was hidden from the jury. The judge gagged the defense and allowed the prosecution to speak. The prosecution cherry-picked and edited hours of video down to 6o minutes. No chain of custody was preserved and the defense was not allowed access to the originals. The judge never saw the original vids and the jury was forced to make their decision on only what the prosecution wanted them to see. The prosecutor admitted to the judge that the star witness Tonjia "Doe" lied regarding the critical issues of the case. "David" and "Carrie" also admitted to lying about critical elements. There were only four defense witnesses allowed. Andrew Luster filed suit against his then lawyer,Richard G. Sherman,Los Angeles, on the grounds he was coerced to flea by Sherman in a scheme to get his house and property.
Mr. Luster was guilty under the letter of the California consent law. This law makes it illegal to have sex with someone unconcious regardless if they may have given prior informed consent. He was not guilty because there was no "fraud in fact." See the California penal code for sexual assault Sec. 261-269

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