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Rules and Regulations
Welcome to my Graphic Design site. My own little way of making a living.


1. I do not do free work, Please do not ask I am trying to make a living.
2. Please do not leave nasty comments anywhere on my site if you have a complaint please send me an email.
3. Any questions please ask.
4. I will not start working on designs for you unless you have paid.
5. If any of you designs have troubles in the futrue I will fix them free of charge.

Ordering Info:

1. All prices are non-negotiable
2. If you wish to futher contact me you may aim me or talk to me over yahoo.
3. I suggest if you want to order somthing looking over the price page and then going to the order form fully aware of the cost.
4. Prices may vary depending on how complicated the design is.