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Price Listing

Package 1: Price-$20
Full custom Layout of you design and choice.
Includes: 1 banner, 2 link buttons, and layout design of your choice. (frames, tables,etc.)

Package 2: Price-$10
Picture design blog included.
Need a blog? Want it to have a snazzy background? Send me the pic or I can find one for you and I'll blog it for you!

Package 3: Price-$7
Custom made picture.
Tell me what you want the picture to look like provide me with pictures to over lap or I'll find them for you.

Package 4: Price-$7
This package contains a blog of your desgin.

Package 5: Price-$15
Html work
Need html to a design you have already made?

Package 6: Price-$15
This package includes a banner, a blog, and a button link.

Package 7: Price-$5
Desktop background image.

Any designs that are not listed here are still possible for me to make email me for other designs not listed.