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Ancestors of Catherine Crigler Little

Mary Catherine Crigler married John Wright Little in Kentucky n 6/22/1870. Her parents were Abraham Crigler and Mary Catherine Roby. Abe's father was Owen Crigler, another son of Abraham and Lydia Carpenter Crigler, who came from Virginia. Abraham's father was Nicholas Crigler who married Margaret Kaifer. Parents of Nicholas were Jacob Kriegler and Susanna Klore of Germany. ==========================================================================================================================Sister of Mary Catherine Crigler was Sadonia Crigler========================================================================================================================== FIFTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Creighler Family [1789 -First U.S. Congress meets in New York; George Washington inaugurated as President of the U.S.; John Adams Vice President, Thomas Jefferson Secretary of State, Alexander Hamilton Secretary of the Treasury the U.S. declare themselves an economic and customs union] ======================================= 18. John Crigler born 10 June 1767 in Culpeper County, Virginia, died 9 August 1840 in Richmond, Madison County, Kentucky, married 25 December 1789 in Culpeper County, Virginia. ========================================= 19. Sarah Ann Hume born 1767, died 14 September 1839. Sarah's father George Hume II, was the son of George Hume, Esquire, born at Wedderburn Castle, Scotland and the grandson of Sir George Hume of Wedderburn. George Hume I, was the Crown Surveyor for the Dominion of Virginia, and laid out the plans for the City of Fredericksburg, Virginia. George II served in the American Revolution as a Sergeant. ============================== Children: 18A. Christopher Crigler born 20 March 1793 died unmarried. 18B. George Crigler born 20 March 1793 in Madison County, Virginia, died 24 October 1877. 18C. Jennie Crigler born about 1795 in Madison County, Virginia, died 1840 in Howard County, Missouri, married first James Gillaspy, second ________.. 18D. (Elizabeth 4) Creighler born 19 May 1799 in Madison County, Virginia, died 26 May 1856 in Howard County, Missouri. 18E. Sallie Crigler born 2 December 1808. 18F. John Crigler, Jr. born 26 July 1812, married Gabrella Tavis and had nine children. 18G. Catherine Crigler married John Wilhoit. 18H. Polly Ann Crigler married Madison Colvin. 18I. Frances Crigler married William McWilliams. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIXTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Creighler Family [1737 - William Byrd founds Richmond, Virginia] 36. Christopher Crigler born about 1721 in Germanna, Virginia, married 1750, died 9 September 1808 in Criglersville, Virginia. Christopher was a Patriot in the Revolutionary War in Virginia. He is listed in the DAR Index, Volumn #I. Christopher Crigler was commissioned an Ensign in the Culpeper Militia, 18 August 1763. 37. Catherine Finks, daughter of Mark Finks. ================================ Children: 36A. Maria Crigler born 9 September 1751. 36B. Reubin Crigler born 28 Januaary 1753. 36C. Jacob Crigler born 27 June 1756. 36D. Elizabeth Crigler born 7 July 1759. 36E. Susanna Crigler born 3 January 1762. 36F. Lewis (Ludwig) Crigler born 1 October 1764. 36G. (John 5) Crighler born 10 June 1767. 36H. Christopher Crigler born 28 November 1769. 36I. Anna Crigler born 6 July 1771. 36J. James Crigler born 23 May 1775. 36K. William Crigler born 2 June 1778. Hume Family 38. George Hume born about 1729 at Culpeper County, Virginia, died 1802 in Culpeper County, Virginia, married 1754 in Culpeper County, Virginia. George served as a Sgt in the Revolutionary War. Information from Vol 851, page 201 in the Grandparent File Books at the DAR Library in Washington, DC. ===================================== 39. Jane Stanton. Children: 38A. George Hume born 21 May 1759, married Susanna Crigler. 38B. Reuben Hume born in 1772, married Anna Finks. 38C. Charles Hume married (1) Lizzie Banks, (2) Elizabeth Kirtley. 38D. William Hume, married and had one son, Charles Hume. 38E. John Hume born 12 August 1769, married Anna Crigler. 38F. Elizabeth Hume married Joe Delaney. 38G. Frances Hume. 38H. (Sarah 5) Hume born 1767, married John Crigler. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEVENTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Crigler Family 1730 - 10 Downing Street, Westminster, London residence of British Prime minister, built 72. Jacob Crigler died in early 1734 for on April 3, 1734 Susanna Crigler gave bond in Spotsylvania County, as Administrator of his Estate. 73. Susanna Koch (Cook) daughter of Michael Koch or sister of Michael Koch. Children: 72A. (Christopher 6) Crigler born about 1721. 72B. Nicholas Crigler born about 1723. 72C. Anna Margaret Crigler. 72D. Michael Crigler. Hume Family 76. George Hume born 30 May 1698 in Wedderburn Castle, died 1760 in Culpeper County, Virginia, married 16 February 1727 in Spottsylvania County, Virginia. George was surgeon to Lord Fairfax at Culpepper in Virginia. He also served as a chaplain. ======================================== from book "Five Hundred First Families in America", page 363 ... was 12th Baron of his line. He was transported as a political prisoner for participating with his father, in the Earl of Mar's uprising for the Stuarts, 1715. He settle in Spotsylvania Co., Va., 1721. Was surbeyor of that county and Orange and Frederick Counties; taught George Washington surveying and was associated with him in many surveys;... page 24, (of which reference?) In 1731 George Hume received his commission as deputy to the king. This with a marriage dower of 2,000 acres of land enabled him to take up a residence with his family near the new city of Fredericksburg and push his occupation as surveyor. George Washington was, from his sixteenth to his eighteenth year, under the tutorage of George Hume, and from him learned the business of surveying. Washington and one of the older sons of George Hume (William, probably) were born the same year, reared in the same village, and were taught by the same instructor, Mr. Williams. When Lord Thomas Fairfax, Baron Cameron, came to Virginia to take possession of his estates, he found there a claimant to all lands between the north and south branches of the Rappahannock River. The King claimed that the north branch, Fairfax that the south branch, of this river was the boundry of the Culpeper grant (Fairfax was the grandson of Lord Culpeper). Lord Fairfax had enough power in England to demand a Board of Arbitration to set the matter right. The King allowed this, and therefore appointed one Abercrombie, of Georgia. Fairfax appointed eighteen-year-old friend George Washington to represent him. George Washington now influenced Abercrombie to accept his former teacher of surveying, George Hume, as the third arbiter of the Fairfax estates. =========================================== 77. Elizabeth Proctor daughter of George Proctor who died about 1738 and wife Mary_____. Children: 76A. (George 6) Hume born about 1729 in Culpeper, Virginia. 76B. Francis Hume. 76C. John Hume born 1782 married 1/ Betsy Coleman 2/ Susan McKinsie 76D. William Hume, Reverend born 30 March 1786 married Betsy Adrich. 76E. James Hume. 76F. Charles Hume. 76G. Anna Hume born 1781 married Edward Stephens. 76H. Katie Hume. 76I. Aquilla Hume. 76J. Lewis Hume born 1793. 76K. Phoebe Hume born 1795, married Jesse Rich. 76L. Agnes Hume born 1796. 76M. (unnamed infant) Stanton Family 78. Thomas Stanton born about 1697, died October 1741 in Orange County, Virginia. 79. Sarah Robinson born about 1699, died 1745 in King George County, Virginia. Child: 78A. (Jane 7) Stanton. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EIGHTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family [1689 - Declaration of Rights in England, William & Mary proclaimed King and Queen for life (also in Scotland), crowned] 152. George Hume born about 1667, died 1720, married 4 October 1695. 153. Margaret Hume, daughter of Sir Patrick Hume of Lunsden. Children: 152A. David Hume born 9 January 1697 in Edinborough, died 1764 at Wedderburn Castle, Scotland. 152B. (George 7) Hume born 30 May 1698. 152C. Patrick Hume died 1766. 152D. Francis Hume died 1732. 152E. John Hume, Captain, died 1753. 152F. James Hume, Captain, was killed at sea by the French in the Pluto fire ship, 1752. 152G. Margaret Hume married to Ninam Home of Jardenfield, father of Patrick Home. 152H. Jane Hume married the Reverend John Tod, minister of Lady Kirk, had issue. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NINTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume family [1715 - Jacobite rebellion ("The Fifteen") in Scotland un Earl of Mar] 304. George Hume born 1641, died 1716, married 1666 in Dune, Scotland. 305. Isabel Liddell daughter of Francis Liddell. Children: 304A. (George 8) Hume born 1667. 304B. Francis Hume died 1713, married Elizabeth Hume. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TENTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 608. George Hume killed, with his father at the battle of Dunbar, 1650. 609. Katherine Morison daughter of Alexander Morison. Child: 608A. (George 9) Hume born 1641. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELEVENTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family [1650 - Marquis of Montrose, Scotish Royalist general, executed] 1216. David Hume killed at the battle of Dunbar, 1650. 1217. Margaret Coldinngknows daughter of John Coldingknows. Child: 1216A. (George 10) Hume died 1650. Morrison Family 1218. Alexander Morrison, Sir, of Preston, died before 16 March 1632. 1219. Eleanor Maule died before 11 March 1665. Child: 1218A. (Katherine 10) Morrison. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWELFTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family [1611 - Shakespeare: "The Tempest" (-1612)] 2432. George Hume, Sir died 1615. 2433. Jane Haldan daughter of John Haldane. Child: 2432A. (David 11) Hume died 1650. Maule Family 2438. William Maule. Child: 2438A. (Eleanor 11) Maule. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIRTEENTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 4864. David Hume was at the battle of Pinkie, died 1574. 4865. Mariot Jonston daughter of Andrew Jonston. Children: 4864A. (George 12) Hume died 1615. 4864B. James Hume. 4864C. John Hume. Maule Family 4876. Robert Maule died 2 May 1560. 4877. Isabel Arbuthnott daughter of James Arbuthnott. Child: 4876A (William 12) Maule. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOURTEENTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 9728. David Hume died 1524. 9729. Alison Douglas. Children: 9728A. George Hume died 10 September 1545 at the Battle of Pinkie, married Janet Hepburn, died without issue. 9728B. (David 13) Hume. *1547 - The Battle of Pinkie September 10 ends in victory for the Earl of Hertford who is king in all but name and who crushes Scottish resistance to the new boy king.* Maule Family [1513 - James IV of Scotland died at Battle of Flodden against the English] 9752. Thomas Maule, sir, of Panure, died 9 September 1513 at Flodden. 9753. Elizabeth Rollock, Lady, daughter of David Rollock, Sir, of Ballachie. Child: 9752A. (Robert 13) Maule died 2 May 1560. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FIFTEENTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES *1513 - The Battle of Flodden Field September 9 just south of the Scottish border ends in victory for an English army sent by Henry VIII under the Earl of Surrey. Scotland's James IV is killed at age 40 while fighting on foot, nearly all his nobles are killed, and the king's only ligitimate son succeeds to the throne at age 15 months to begin a 29-year reign as James V.* 19456. David Hume killed 1513 in Flodden. 19457. Isabella Hoppringle daughter of David Hoppringle of Snailholn. Children: 19456A. George Hume died 1513 at Flodden. 19456B. (David 14) Hume died 1524. 19456C. Alexander Hume. 19456D. John Hume. 19456E. Andrew Hume. 19456F. Patrick Hume. Douglas Family 19458. George Douglas son of Archiblad Douglas 6th Earl. Child: 19458A. (Alison 14) Douglas. Maule Family 19504. Alexander Maule, Master of Panmur. 19505. Elizabeth Guthrie, Lady, daughter of David Guthrie, Sir. Child: 19504A. (Thomas 14) Maule, died 9 September 1513 at Flodden. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIXTEENTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 38912. George Hume died 18 May 1497 at Wedderburn Castle. 38913. Mariota Sinclair daughter of John Sinclair of Herdsmaston. Child: 38912A. (David 15) Hume died 1513 at Flodden. Maule Family 39008. Thomas Maule, Sir of Panmure, died 1498. 39009. Elizabeth Lindsay, Lady. Child: 39008A. (Alexander 15) Maule, Master of Panmur. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEVENTEENTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 77824. David Hume, Sir. 77825. Elizabeth Carmichael. Children: 77824A. (George 16) Hume died 18 May 1497 at Wedderburn Castle, Scotland. 77824B. Patrick Hume died before 1504. Lindsay Family 78018. Alexander Lindsay, Earl of Crawford. 78019. Marietta Dunbar, Lady. Child: 78018A. (Elizabeth 16) Lindsay, Lady. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EIGHTEENTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 155648. David Hume, Sir, mentioned in a charter in 1450. 155649. Alice ___________. Child: 155648A. (David 17) Hume married Elizabeth Carmichael. Lindsay Family 156036. David Lindsay, Earl of Crawford. 156037. Catherine Stewart, Lady. Child: 156036A. (Alexander 17) Lindsay, Earl of Crawford. Dunbar Family 156038. David Dunbar, sir of Cockburn, son of George Dunbar, Earl of Dunbar. Child: 156038A. (Marietta 17) Dunbar, Lady. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NINTEENTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 311296. Thomas Hume born 1200/1300. 311297. Nichola Pepdie. Child: 311296A. (David 18) Hume, Sir. Steward Family [1371 - Robert II, King of Scots (-1390) accession of the House of Stewart] *1390 - Scotland's first Stuart king Robert II dies May 13 at age 74.* 312074. Robert Stewart, King of Scotland. > see info on page_________ 312075. Elizabeth Murc. Elizabeth was also married to Robert's brother, John Stewart. Elizabeth is the daughter of Adam Murc, Sir of Rowallen. Child: 31074A. (Catherine 18) Stewart. Lady. Note that the number is incorrect. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTIETH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 622592. John de 5th Lord Hume. Child: 622592A. (Thomas 24) Hume born 1200/1300. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTY-FIRST GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 1245184. Roger de Hume born before 1331. Child: 1245184A. (John 20) Hume, 5th Lord. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTY-SECOND GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 2490368. Galfridus de 3 Hume born before 1300, died after 1331. Child: 2490368A. (Roger 21) de Hume born before 1331. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTY-THIRD GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 4980736. William de 2 Hume died about 1300. Child: 4980736A. (Galfridus 22) de Hume born before 1300. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTY-FOURTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 9961472. William, Sir. 9961473. Ada (of Dunbar). Child: 9961472A. (William 23) de Hume died about 1300. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTY-FIFTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Hume Family 19922944. Patrick, Sir. Child: 19922944A. (William 24) Sir. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTY-FIFTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Dunbar Family Lineage 19922946. Patrick 5th Earl Dunbar. Child: 19922946A. (Ada 24). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTY-SIXTH GENERATION - PATERNAL LINES Dunbar Family 39633092. Cospatrick IV died 1161. Child: 39633092A. (Patrick 25), 5th Earl of Dunbar. Note that the number is incorrect -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTY-SEVENTH GENERATION [1147 - Crusaders perish in Asia Minor: failure of the Second Crusade] 79266184. Cospatrick III died 1147 at siege, Damieta, Egypt. 79266185. Ada. Child: 79266184A. (Cospatrick 26) IV died 1161. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTY-EIGHTH GENERATION 158532368. Cospatrick II died 1139. Child: 158532368A. Cospatrick III died 1147. [1165 - Malcolm IV died; succeeded by his brother William the Lion(-1214)] *1165 - Scotland's Malcom IV dies December 9 at age 24 and is succeeded by his 22-year-old brother William the Lion who will reign until 1214* *1214 - Scotland's William the Lion dies at age 71 after a 49-year reign in which he has established a Scottish Church independent of the English Church* 158532370. William the Lion King. Child: 158532370A. (Ada 27). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TWENTY-NINETH GENERATION 217064736. Cospatrick I died 1081. Child: 217064736A. (Cospatrick 28) II died 1139. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIRTIETH GENERATION [1040 - Duncan of Scotland murdered by Macbeth, who becomes King (-1057)] 434129472. Maldredus. 434129473. Aldgatha. Child: 434129472A. (Cospatrick 29) I died 1081. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIRTY-FIRST GENERATION [1058 - Malcolm slays Lulach and becomes King of Scotland] [1093 - Malcolm of Scotland killed during invasion of England; succeeded by his brother Donald Bane] 868258944. Malcolm II, King of Scotland 1005-1034 A.D. Child: 868258944A. (Maldredus 30). From Book "History of the Hume, Kennedy & Brockman Families" by William Everett Brockman. page 12, SCOTTISH KINGS FROM WHICH THE HUME FAMILY SPRANG. Kenneth I, reigned from 850 to 860; Donald, reigned from 860 to 861; Constantine I, son of Kenneth I, reigned from 864 to 867; was succeeded by his brother; Donald, son of Constantine I, reigned from 889 to 900; was succeeded by Constantine II, son of Adeh, who reigned 42 years; Malcolm I, son of Donald, reigned from 942 to 954; Indulph, son of Constantine II, reigned from 954 to 962; Dubh, son of Malcolm I, reigned from 962 to 967; Cuilean, son of Indulph, reigned from 967 to 971; Kenneth II, son of Malcolm, reigned from 971 to 995; Constantine III, son of Cuilean, reigned from 995 to 997; Kenneth III, son of Dubh, reigned from 997 to 1004; Malcolm II, son of Kenneth II, reigned from 1005 to 1034, he was ancestor of Humes and grandson of Malcolm II; was killed by Macbeth (See Shakespeare), he reigned from 1034 to 1040. (Macbeth did not live long in his victim's chair, but was slain by Malcolm, son of Duncan I in 1057.) BEGINNING OF THE HUME FAMILY. Malcolm II, King of Scotland. Ethelred the Unready, King of England. Malcolm II, King of Scotland, 1005 - 1034 A.D., had one child, Bethoc, who married Crinan, Lay Abbott of Dunkeld. To this union were born two children: Duncan, King of Scotland, 1034-1040; and Maldred *, who married Aldgatha, daughter of Uchtred, and granddaughter of King Ethelred, of England.