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Captain George Little of American Revolution

Captain George Little was wounded in a South Carolina Regiment and later moved into Tennesee, then settled in Kentucky. His wife Mary of Scotland had died in South Carolina and he remarried to his son's mother in law, Mary Handley Douglas, but had no children together. A monument in Kentucky is dedicated to him and his brother in law, Anthony Thompson, by the DAR, thanks to Laura Little Hawes ( daughter of Powhatan Little ) - Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Books (152 Vols.) Mrs. Laura Simmons Little Hawes. DAR ID Number: 57077 Born in Owensboro, Ky. Wife of George Hawes. Descendant of Col. William Starling, John Holloway, and Lieut. Obadiah Smith. Daughter of Lucius Powhatan Little and Louisa Addison Holloway, his 2nd wife. Granddaughter of John Gordon Holloway and Laura Matilda Smith, his 2nd wife. Gr-granddaughter of John Holloway and Anne Starling, his wife; Peter Field Smith and Mary Turpin, his wife. Gr-gr-granddaughter of William Starling and Susanna Lyne, his wife; Obadiah Smith and Lucy Harris, his wife. William Starling (1756-1826) was colonel of a Virginia regiment, which was organized to repel the attack of the ?traitor,? Arnold. He was born in King William County, Va.; died in Kentucky. John Holloway (1760-1825) served as a private in Capt. Thomas Ridley's company, 4th Virginia regiment, under Col. Thomas Elliott, and was granted bounty land for his service. He was born in Virginia, married in Mecklenberg County; died in Henderson, Ky. Obadiah Smith served in Capt. Ralph Falkner's company, 5th Virginia regiment, commanded by Lieut.-Col. Josiah Parker. He was commissioned ensign and first lieutenant, 1776. Also No. 50294. The thought of George naming his son Jonas leads this author to believe that George had a father or brother named Jonas and we do find another Rev War Patriot in SC named Jonas Little about the same age as George.

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