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In June, 2005 I found water in the backyard where the cesspool was. I got someone who found the pool cover cracked and full, but it was also a small one. Now that puzzled me. How could one small pool handle everything for all these years? He irrigated it and added chemicals and things seemed to be alright.
About 2 weeks later I saw water come out the overflow on the side of the house as Casey called out the toliet water was rising when he flushed it. Back came a guy. He was puzzled by this as the pool was full, which shouldn't be due to the added chemicals. He did find a clog in the line from the house.

Enough was enough. I needed to hookup to the sewer. I contacted 3 guys and picked one. Work started in early August. It turned out that I had 3 small pools in the NW corner of the backyard.

The job went well until they were out by the road. The backhog broke the waterline and there was a huge fountain for a while. They finally got it closed off and were able to complete the job. I was connected and things have been good ever since.