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This is a record, mostly in pictures, of my kitchen being redone.

Shortly before Christmas, 2005, I went to Home Depot in BayShore and spoke with Dave about having new kitchen cabinets, stove and microwave oven with a fan. First step was to get a measurement, which cost $100, but if Home Depot did the job, I get that credited to the bill. So I paid the $100.

Shortly after Christmas a guy came to do the measuements and shortly after the New Year, a guy came and the contract and checked measurements. I then met with Dave on January 9, 2006. Lynn was visiting and came with me as she was here to attend Casey's Student of the Month Award. I only knew that I wanted nothing fancy and not real dark or real light. The process of picking out the color/style of the cabinets was great. Dave walked us through step by step to make a selection.
I went back the next day to pick out a countertop, sink, stove and microwave oven.

After thinking about the white sink, stove/microwave, I decided to get black. I went on Jan 26th to change the order. I also met with Christine, who took over for Dave. He had told me that he was leaving. It took 5 hours with Christine because she was starting from scratch, plus we made a number of changes. The store didn't have the knobs I wanted and I finally got them at the HP Expo. It would take about 4 weeks for the cabinets to be made. The countertop has templets made after the cabinets are installed and then it's 2-3 weeks for it to be made followed by installment and finally the hookup of the microwave and light.

Paul from Craftmasters came to check the measurements and the sink came.

The cabinets, stove and microwave came on Feb 17th.

Living Room with boxes of
cabinets, stove and microwave

Computer Room also becomes the Kitchen

Feb 20th The old cabinets, sink and stove were taken out

Feb 21st the kitchen was wired

Feb 22nd Cabinets installed
Just a little bit to do tomorrow

Feb 23rd The corner was angled
Stove & Microwave installed

Feb 27th: The countertop was templeted.
Now I wait 2-3 weeks while it's being made.

March 1st
Got 2 of them up and running

March 6th: The corner was angled
Paper Front Edge of Shelf &
Piece that overhangs cabinets

March 14th & 16th:
The countertop was installed, but not the backsplash because the bottom moulding was below the cabinets. They came back 2 days later after Bob had removed the moulding

March 17th: Sink was installed and moulding put back

March 21th: The lights under the cabinets were installed
I had another light added on the left for balance

Now what color paint for the walls?

Late March into April: I picked the first color on the right in the above pictures.
Called Pearl Harbor. It took 2 coats

May 1st: I stained moulding for the window and put it up with new blinds

May 6th: Dana came and hung the door, which I'll stain. The moulding on the right is what I'll be putting around the door.
Notice how there's more time between the different things being done.
That's because the weather is warming up.
Time to be outside not inside.

May 21st: I stained the door and got the crown moulding up.

It's finally done. I'll be getting a picture for the wall by the table, but it's done and I like it.

I bought a picture on Ebay and had it framed.

Done and hung on August 9th.

Now I'm thinking of putting in new floor tile this coming Winter. We'll see.