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Buyers who checkout and complete payment and then decide to return the product before it is shipped, a $2.34 re-stocking

Fee  is taken from payment and is non refundable. Buyers who have received their items and decide to return them, Buyer will be

responsible for flat rate shipping costs as well as $3.12 fee for processing and re-stocking King Enterprises offers 100% satisfaction

guarantee on products being sold. However, returns are available 30 days from the date of payment if the costumer is not satisfied with

the product. Products must be shipped back in the original shipping packaging and contain full contents Products that have been

opened or have suspicion of being tampered with will not be returned due to the possible contamination of the product. All fees for returns

are non refundable and will be deducted from the original payment. Items are shipped usually within 24 hours. Sellers hold no responsibility

for items damaged during shipping and is only liable before the shipping process begins. This policy and as well as the information on this

page are subject to change ay any time.


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