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coffee brewed by*me

every one has different preferances to coffee. some love them sweet . some love them bitter . some love them . some don't. here is my type of coffee and it is still brewing . always brewing and i hope you like it

a warm cup of coffee to welcome you to coffee brewed by*me . here are some coffee i have ... please take a look at the menu


cafe au lait

coffee with milk . only the right amount of mixture will produce good coffee . just like a sketch of idea . the work can be plain like any ones but it is the idea that brings out the flavour of the sketch


one of my personal favourite coffee . every coffee beans taste different in every countries, every fields, every coffee brewer . just like photography, the same scenery can be viewed differently using different cameras, different photographer and different viewer


the scent of a coffee is very important . it creates thirstand desire and thus, attracts people to get it . and i can never resist the temptation of esspresso . just like any products, the packaging makes the first impact, the first impression to tempt customers



espresso mixed , topped with steamed milk or cream, cappucinno is blended with espresso mixed , creating a strong scent as well . just like coporate identities and namecards . the introduction of yourself (in this case, an introduction to coffee)


cafe latte

blanc et noir ? i love it white. i love white coffee. i recommend this coffee when you are relaxing , you shouldn't miss this when you're having a slow day . it is like a companion . just like a hobby and past time . i do brew this during my past time.more towards my own interest.