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A little Background on "Knucklehead"

Paul was drafted out of the University of Kentucky in 1994 by the Minnesota Twins. During his third regular season in double A with the Twins, Paul's pitching coach saw potential in a knuckleball that Paul messed around with from time to time. His coach encouraged him to use the knuckleball in games and before Paul knew it, the organization wanted him to throw the knuckler 90% of the time. Unfortunately, the Twins were not in it for the long haul, lacking the patience necessary to groom a true knuckleballer; after only 2 months, they wanted Paul to switch back to throwing his "regular stuff"....fastball, curveball, and slider.

Paul finished the season with the Twins organization as a "regular" pitcher but was taken in the Rule V draft by the Dodgers in that 1997 off-season. It was during his time with the Los Angeles organization that Paul met and studied under Charlie Hough. Charlie worked with Paul on the basic mechanics and fine points of throwing the finesse pitch that he desperately needed to help hone his skill. From that point on, Paul was considered a knuckleball pitcher. After playing under Hough for a year, Paul signed with the Anaheim Angels as a free agent.

This is Paul's second year with the Angels organization and only his third full season as a knuckleball pitcher. Paul worked out with the triple A team during spring training, but broke camp with the double A team, heading to Erie, Pennsylvania. He spent a month in double A before being called up to triple A in Edmonton, Alberta. Paul pitched successfully in Edmonton, however, due to a numbers game, he was sent back down to Erie at the end of June. Paul was once again called up to Edmonton on August 3. Paul is currently on the Edmonton Trappers roster.