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Welcome to Kristen Stewart Fan @ Angelfire. Here you'll be able to find lots of info about this wonderful actress. I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any comments, or you'll like to contribute with news or pictures e-mail me.
September 24, 2006
I added 42 screencaps from Fierce People. You can view them over here. Thanks to Tom.

September 23, 2006
UPDATE: I just added a new section for icons and wallpapers (because the gallery has been acting all weird) . There are a few new icons and a wallpaper from the movie Fierce People
Check out the new sections here
! | I C O N S & W A L L P A P E R S | !
The DVD art cover for the Italian version of Kristen's movie Fierce People can be seen here

September 17, 2006
Update: I just uploaded two wallpapers I made
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Feel free to send me any comments or feedback.

There are some news about Kristen's movie Southland Tales . According to /Film:
Sony will release Southland Tales in theaters most likely early 2007.
The interview with the director Richard Kelly can be found over here

September 14, 2006 conducted an interview with one of Kristen's co-star (in the movie The Messengers ), Penelope Ann Miller. She gave a brief overview of what the movie will be about and also mentions that the movie will open in January 2007.

iF: What can you tell me about the plot of THE MESSENGERS?
MILLER: Itís about a family who leaves Chicago to move to North Dakota. Weíre starting a sunflower farm, and itís so beautifully shot. I hate to compare this movie to anything, but itís a character driven psychological horror film with a ghost story thrown in as well. Our daughter has had trouble in the city, and we want to move her out of the city to get her away from the things that were troubling her. Of course, all hell breaks loose at our little farm. The Pang brothers directed it and they are twins and they are Chinese, and they are HUGE in Asia and Europe. They directed THE EYE, which they are also doing a new re-make of that with Renee Zellweger, I think. They had very specific ideas at to what colors the ghost were, and what colors we should wear. They believe in ghosts whole-heartedly and to them everything is very specific as to how the ghost looks and how it is shot and used.

The full interview can be found here

September 8, 2006
I decided to make a new design for the website, hopefully its easier to navigate. I hope you all like it and here are a few new updates on Kristen's upcoming movies:

*The release date for The Messengers is still uncertain, there have been rumors that there were reshoots for some scenes, but it seems like the poster of the movie is out. You can check it out here, its not confirmed whether is official or not but it still looks good.

*I just found a few pictures of the set of Cake Eaters. The pictures are on this blog.

*I found an old article of Kristen during the promotion for Zathura, I'll try to get a scan as soon as possible but for the meantime here is a picture.

If there are any broken links, send me an e-mail and I'll try to fix them asap.

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Current Projects
*Fierce People (Limited release)
DVD Release Date: ???

*Southland Tales (Limited Release)
Release Date: early 2007
Official Website

*In the Land of Women (Post-Production)
Release Date: 2007
Official Website

*The Messengers (Post-production)
Release Date: Early 2007
Official Website

*Cake Eaters
Release Date: 2007
Official Website

*Into the Wild (Filming)
Release Date: ???
Official Website
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