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Kraki, Looser, Dork, Ryan, Its all the same right?

11:13pm 5/26/03 Ok.. well I'm Ryan. I'm 20 from Richardson, 5'11.. I Love Music, and I'm a huge dork. not sure why i'm doing this site actually.. just bored i guess.. kind of pathetic that i'm using a page wizard.. i've got certifications for all kinds of networking, but i can't even make a webpage lol, no html knowledge whatsoever.... ok so.. if you ask me what i like i'm gonna say music.. you ask what kind of music, i'm gonna say, Mest, The Ataris, Goldfinger, Rancid, The Used etc... so.. i know i'm a looser but i don't care. both my ex girlfriend have been many many times hotter than me and, well lol, i have no clue why. I'm the guy in highschool who everyone like as a friend, the guy the girls would tell anything to.. the kind of guy you want to marry, but not date. That's why i didn't have a date or even kiss a girl lol till i was 18 years old. pretty pathetic huh?... so.. well that enough for now. i'll put more later.

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