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Nothing's impossible =)...

||May.14 2007 5:00PM

oh wow guys..i haven't been here in so long *__* i'm surprised that this page still gets visitors lol..some of my links are broken too! gotta fix those soon >__<;. i've completely abandoned this blog..*sighs* but u can find me on Xanga =D. i'm there sumtimes..and i mostly use msn live space XD.

i don't really wanna close the site..but its too much to manage T__T; *cries* i'm gonna retire this site.


HIATUS until further notice =] thx for coming!!*wubz* [-sofiee-]

||Aug.30 4:44PM

Mood:Lazy @_@
wow i woke up @ 1;30 today...another good sleep. i slept @ around 1am?? hahaha i had a good sleep =]...except my back kinda hurts now. wow i had another weird dream with my dongseng in it. perhaps i've been thinking about him too much *_* so he ends up in my dreams..*hai*. hah..i can't remember much details of the dream...but sumhow i teleported to his house LOL!!

my dongseng and i were talking on msn about sth...probably the bday card or his softball game..and soon i talked to him on the phone. i dunno how i talked to him on the phone...i can't even remember his voice anymore T___T...during the dream the voice must've sounded jibberish or sth lol...ppl's voice sounds different on the phone too>__< omg...can't believe i forgot it's only been a month. ya so later i teleported to his house..and we were in his room O__o;. haha...we sat down and chatted and i asked him to show me his Bday card..and it was hidden under so much rubbish -__-;.. i hope thats not the reality. his frds actually asked him "how old was the kid that made this for u?" >__< was a crappy job i knoe!! but he says it's not childish ^__^. we played around and chilled lyk during class hahaah..funny i never paid attention during that class cuz he's so distracting @__@;. good thing it was the last week and its a design project -__-;. it was a pretty long dream...dunno what else happened -_+ we sat next to each other for a long time. "I'll be waiting for u, like u said u'd be waiting 4 me..." yeah..maybe he'll visit vancouver. he also said he'd go to UBC to keep me company since i'm not going to Uof T anymore....-__= what are the chances he'll actually go to UBC @_@;;?? he better study hard then X_x. i've never been hugged by someone(stranger) so tightly before...departing is sad..T_T i was teary. "The bells have rung, the time has come, i cannot find the words to say my last goodbye..the scenary is evergreen." thats the problem!! i can't say good bye...i still think he's around..but he's not!! he's all the way across canada! ughhh! *rips hair out*'s best not to force it right? T___T school is starting and i still haven't bought his bday present...>__< he's gonna bug me about it soon!

yesterday my homeslice Tom msged me on msn for the first time since Toronto LOL!! i didn't expect that from him......since he's always calling me a Lesbian rofl. he's the first guy that calls me a lesbian so seriously XP;. he's like "you should just be a lesbian since the guys u fandom over are so girly!why aren't u a lesbian!?" hahaha....Tom's so funny XDD!! but apparently there's suppose to be a Vancouver ppl's DEEP reunion..i can't really remember much Vancouver ppl O__o;....just Liberty,Jack,Tom and that other chinese girl and me....Tom said sth about Heather being in vancouver rite now X__x but like..i ono what we're gonna do @ Reunion..theres not much happening in Vancouver recently..and schools starting soon. everyone's gotta prepare @__@;. i WOULD like to see Tom again though...maybe Jack too lol..he's kinda fobby rofl. kakaka...i remember during the 3rd week..we were all like "omg Tom don't gooooo stay for the 4th week!!" then, during 4th week..tom was gone..but i didn't miss him LOL XD.. ya i'm a bad friend. oh well...he's in vancouver i can see him anytime XP..maybe thats the reason. i kinda miss the Twins and Paola and Johnny XD. and LISAAAAA omg my roomie!! *sobs* i wish i can stay @ DEEP foreverrrrrr and just not worry about homework *cries*. aish....what really sucked was that brian wasn't in Residence..if he was..i could've went Yorkdale and Wonderland with him!! aishh..unfortunate ne. sushi nite happening tmr or wat?? it better happen!!! i need to buy groceries..and prepare and stuff T__T;...and i mite go to work in the morning tmr X_x;. oh wow..shiori just called me...and we're gonna go eat dinner together with Diana =]!! i'm excited....hahha. we still haven't decided where to eat though >< *ugh*

"I wanna believe in life, i wanna believe in truth, i wanna believe in God, i wanna believe in freedom, i wanna believe your heart...i wanna believe in love again" - the Trax [-Sofiee-] |

||Aug.23 6:02PM

Mood:X_x furufuru
HELLOOOOOOOO NEW SUPER VIEWWWWW!!!! i have a pic spam up ahead!! beware ^____^ lol...since they're big...i uploaded it on Imageshack so click the thumbnails ne! i was too lazy to crop the white spaces like ya bare with me -__- plus, my scanner was acting gay took me like 3 trials uGh! well~ Dozo--->>

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usand last ones from before i went to Toronto =D!!Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at lmao...hai these pix are so funny. Especially Jeannie's birthday ones..why does it say "CUTE" under Steven!? LOL...he's SO NOT CUTE!!XDD hahahah and he's got all these hearts n stuff around him. WooT!~ i did a Heechul peace sign pose!! ^__^ muheheh...i'll do it from now on.*strikes a Heechul pose* XDD kakaka he's so dorky!! lol...i dont really like the pix from the other machine with just girls..O_o..the frame always gets in the way. see the pic with water going up my nose >_> HAHAHA look @ kingsley's face in the Panda one XD looks like he wants to eat me!! *hides* kakaka and Tony's golden hair looks funky on him was hard to fit in the frames. mmm i liked the machine with the scary backgrounds ^__^ it was fun..and kingsely has a poop popsicle XD. kekeke...i have a caterpillar on my shoulder *__*! lol..those pix were fun..we had so much fun decorating it..cuz everyone kept screwing up tonys face..and he kept erasing it until the time ran out XP. oh ya...i was a lil airheaded that day, didnt realize the significance of Sheepi....i remember asking "whats the difference between goat sheep and lamb" before lol..and ya i'm airheaded and dumb...didnt realize things >__<;. but now i knoe!! so i won't be using that name anymore ^^;, it was kind of a joke...about the sheeps and mountain goats back then -_-. Gomen!! oh ya..and there's 1 pic of Dennis and I..before i went to toronto too =P..the machine was messed up..and it was awkward lol, so its not the best pix in the world O_o;. *awkward* uh huh...i think thats all i needed to update with =]..pic spams are always fun ^^;...but annoying to type on angelfire >__< blah....ToODlez [-Sofiee-] |

||Aug.20 6:13PM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR JEANNIE HO!!!<33 *glomps* LOL SToneface pix 4ever!! hope u're having a great 18th birthday!!best wishes to u!! Luv u loads *muahs<3*!!I hope u like the present i got u X_x!!

ok, reason i'm using this again is cuz my "windows Live space" is like effing messed up. it won't let me post anything or edit just won't let me click the Publish button holy crap so gay. so now i gotta use Xanga and Angelfire until Live Space is fixed..i dunno if it's just my blog or if it happens to other ppl too ~__~ *grumbles* i wasn't able to blog for like a few i squished a lot of stuff on 1 post while i was @ work -_-;; arghs!! So like ya..i gotta rant about fandom..i haven't done that in awhile =D. Meevy goodness --->> Specs are teh love // Love ur hair // miss old myv =(

okay that was MYV picspam =] for alice9!! --->> pic spam!FO Banner<3 \\Kawaii Shou puppy~!! kyaaaa he's so cute in that pic =]...tehheeh it's a bingo card in his mouth ^^ kawaii ne! rabbu rabbu shou kun ^^<3.

recently, i've been Suju crazed. yep, it's Kpop -__- *awkward*'s not that i like their songs it's just the way they act is so funny and hilarious...cuz i watch FULL HOUSE..and it's like a reality show of a few members from Super Junior and these two foreign homestay girls..they do games and activities and its just so hilarious =D. i love Heechul though<33 he's so pretty and cute. @ first his peace sign was annoying..but now i'm startign to do it too O_o;...eek!! and the funniest clip i saw of Heechul must be the Radio show program..where they're playig boa's Girls on Top song..and Heechul is imitating her PV in the background LOL ^__^ he's good man!! and skinny he's got a girly body toO!! i think he's actually prettier than the girl that was in "U"..she's kinda ugly >__<;. HEECHULLLL why u gotta be prettttty!! i nearly fainted @ the beginning of the MV where is takes this card and kisses it and throws it to the side. *melts* MmmM i'm able to recognize half of the members in Suju now =D...especially the ones in Fullhouse<33 kakaka..Heechul of course is pretty boy #1, Donghae is the clown that does flips, Shiwon is butterboy, Kangin is Raccoon boy XD, Kibum is killer smile, Eunhyuk is the special guest LOL, Hankyung(Sp?) is China guy that has Fob korean haha, and i think thats all O_o?? i know Sungmin cuz thats Fibi's fave member XP;. kyaaa Heechul is ultra cute with specs!! i just don't like it when he has extrememly permed hair -_-; its too girly. wow..Shiwon really is buttery!! lol...they always say "butterboy!! oily smily!! oily!" when he says all these sweet talk stuff XDD *dies*. Kibum and the chinese guy really have nice smiles =]...aww they're all such good friends. they do so much cute stuff together~~~!! "we sleep together" kakaka. "Let's learn english! what is this? this is a Hippo, what is this!?" ohh i love that game XD;. "You're so gorgeous!!" LOL @ Heechul...aish...he's always the one going crazy with the english Xp;. he's a popular member though many screams during lives...same with Shiwon *__* well..i'd expect that~ he's got this really seducing smile LOL XD;. lmaooo~~~ Sungmin's voice is so adorable!! *dies* he talks like a kid!! it's so adorableeee lol...he talks kinda slow..and it's got this cute/shy face with it =]. Kibum and Heechul have a lot of CF's together,,,hmmm good choice :) both pretty faces. but the girls in the CF are ugly and fat lol..i think they do it on purpose XDD hahahah he's got this really nice hair sumtimes :)...his crazy messed up's really hacked. *wubz* HeechuuuuulllL~!! he's so loud and drama queenish though lol. i guess thats lovable ^^;.. UAHHHH jealous of Rainbow Romance!! *___* he has so many kissing scenes O___O they make him seem DIRTYYY...ugh! dude..i feel sorry for kibum and heechul LOL..they have to act with such ugly girls *__*;.....seriously no jokes. they're like fat! *aisH* okayyzz enough Kpop..i hit myself for listening to "u" and "Miracle" -__- it just got stuck in my head cuz they're always playing it in the BG sound LOL..kks i gtg nowz..ToODlez *squeals* [-Sofiee-] |

||Aug.2 5:11PM

Mood:bored/mo liu
yay for the layout update. this layout was suppose to go up near my birthday, cuz Tommy made it as a birthday gift lol ^__^;'s so nice i love shou!! he's so pretty in this picture, i think this is the best outfit ever!!ummm there's still some problems with the layout...especially the DIV tags..cuz i can't get rid of the ugly horizontal scroll bar on the right side panel -_-;..i don't like scrollbars~ it makes the page too complicated. i have to figure out sth for the borders too..cuz in the original BG the border doesn't extend all the way to the bottom and thats bad ~__~;...cuz i don't wanna add scrollbars again lol. Enjoy!! i'm gone..i don't like writing blogs here anymore T__T it's too complicated and time consuming..and none of my frds come here ~__~; the URL is too lengthy. byeeeeeeee~<33 [-Sofiee-] |

||June.2 7:39PM

Mood:TiREd T_T
omgad, i promised Ben i would update about PROM...but i haven't yet~_~;..i'm so sorry i broke the promise. lol...but here i am about to rant. not much i remember now...everything kinda disappeared after i went home n slept -_-;. anyways..i'll try my best to do a recap XD

Firstly, i went to do my hair and makeup @ richmond, some honger place @ 3pm. rushed home immediately becuz someone told me that there would be a line up when we get i told john to pick me up @ like..5:30ish? lol i really don't remember, but i remember i was panicing in my car becuz there was a traffic jam on the knight bridge like FUCK NOT NOW!?!? hahha i got home on time though =P...and i quickly changed into my outfit and accessories. took a picture with mother in haste becuz john was already @ the door =_=;. anyways, i got in his car~ and i was still catching my breath bcuz i was litterally running around in my house XP;. the car ride was kinda, you know, silent? but i won't describe that lol...we got to the hotel ON TIME. thank goodness cuz there was a traffic jam in DT too. but when we got inside, not a lot of ppl arrived yet. so i kinda just lounged around and took pix with ppl =P. took quite a bit, even though i was feeling very sick. it was awfully cold~ so i kept my coat on during the whole nite. ya..i didn't look nice in my photos @ ALL...i'm hesitant to post up the pix cuz ppl are gonna scream LOL XD;;.

Later, we were admitted into the dining hall. and we were seated @ round tables with purple clothes :) luvly. i think they were purple anyways LOL XD;. i was feeling crappy the whollleee time cuz my nose just wouldn't stop running. and it was cold. so i ended up not eating much of my dinner. i can't taste it anyways -__-;...the chicken was hard to cut, the salad was weird, and the dessert was the only good part lol. i didnt eat that much dessery any how though, it was during the slide show. and i was watching the slideshow with so much concentration i neglected the dessert lol. Stef hong did a great job putting it together =] hehe AWESOMEEEEE!! yah so after dinner, everyone went to the dance floor and walked around to talk pix. i ended up sitting @ the table drinking hot water and looking sick -__- cuz my head was heating up. Yup, i had caught a fever that nite. it was amazingly horrible. i can't believe i spent so much money on make up, hair and dress!!! cuz i wasted all of it, i went home @ like 9;30. told my dad to pick me up from the hotel. and everything @ my house was cancled. cuz supposedly fibi's gang was suppose to go to MY HOUSE for an after party...we would've played games, make sushi, and just hang out and be loonie kids. but i had to cancle it cuz i wasn't feeling well and i needed rest. so they moved it to Missy's house..they came over to my house @ like 12am to pick up all the food and stuff we bought the other day. T_T i really wanted to spend after prom with them.....i was so angry seriously. i felt bad for ruining the nite for them too. everyone looked so concerned >__<;..they had fun @ missy's house though so i'm relieved. i went to bed rite after they left the door..i was just DYING. i was actually sleeping before they they woke me up from my recovery sleep!! XDD it's okay, i got better after a week or so. the experience @ prom was interesting. not as fun for me cuz i was sick and drowsy. the decors were nice...the effort was noticable =]..everyone was so pretty. i wasn't expecting a lot when i went, so i guess i wasn't disapointed with the event XD. there was a point where i wanted to cry, but that passed. some apologies don't need to be verbally said. i'm glad we don't have a conflict anymore, but i don't think i'm ready to talk to him yet.

i feel like i should've said sth when i was so near...but it's hard to even look into his face bcuz all the angry,sad and happy memories float back to the top. T__T i'm so sorry...i'm pathetic. If i never see him again, i want him to know that i wouldn't be the person i am rite now w/o him. Good or bad thing, you decide. but i feel like i keep walking into the darkness away from everyone bcuz of him. Is it a guilty feeling? knowing that becuz of you, the persons life and personality dramatically changed? i'm sure he's never felt guilty about my sad life. but's over. time to move on, i am who i am now. perhaps my values have not changed, but my outlook on the world and ppl have definetly been altered.

shietz, i totally need to sort my blog out..the entries are messed and the layout is old T_T...this was a special request entry =]...i hope Benson enjoyed reading it...and hope anyone else lurking didn't fall asleep? All in all, Grading in 2006 is a good time, fun times, many hardship but i lived thru it (until prov exams) thanks for making the evening midly amusing <3..hahah ToODlez [-Sofiee-] |

||Apr.14 9:18PM

first off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOMMY DOAN!!! WOoT *celebrates*...i hope u're having a great day?? have a happy 18th!! *wishes u luck* yup...

Well, it's almost been a year since i last talked to's quite sad. i didn't think that it would bother me. but of course it would, having spent so many fun times together, then one day we just stopped talking. It's not the same, even when i see him at school(rarely see him)..he walks past me as though i'm invisble. what's this feeling? I just miss the funny convo's we used to have. and times @ whistler...haha i'll never forget. those were some crazy/memorable times. Red shorts, garfield Pjs, high fevers,watching Twins Effect on a small little portable Dvd player and the sheep/goat plushie we played with on the bus. Ichigo haha..chocobo's. wow we're so ghay back then. CHOCOBABYS!! and Coffee beats...yummy. i still have them =]. everything. i wonder when will i be able to talk to him again? how can i even start?? he probably hates me...~_~ i dunno why though. it's just becuz he's too cool 4 me now. i'm replaced now....there's no use for old toys.

Wow G.O. i don't have internet anymore....and my dad is taking my computer away from mee.......SEE YOU GUYS AFTER JUNE!! LOL O__o;...sorry Ayura san!!! i will try to talk to u soon!! *I MISS U* .....Jya ne!! *waves farewell* [-Sofiee-] |

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