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The RIGHT Way of Thinking
Sunday, 23 November 2003

Well, it is that time of year again. All the little liberal elves are busy in their Berkley workshops trying to find new ways to take all the fun out of the Holidays for normal people.

For the last two years the Liberal assault has been focused on that red vested oppressor of the masses, Santa.

Why are Liberals opposed to the Jolly Ole Elf? "Santa lords his wealth over the proletariat by giving gifts out to kids!" "What has Santa done for AIDS research?" "Santa discriminates against same sex couples because he only visits people with kids!" "Santa should be charged with have crimes against the NAUGHTY!" Or maybe he just looks too much like Rush Limbaugh before he lost all that weight.

There are three main reasons for this new annual event of cultural destruction. The first we all know well: Liberals hate any form of ethics or moral code that tries to differentiate right from wrong (or should I say right from left?" Secular Humanist philosophy is based on the a crude pleasure/pain principal. If it feels good do it; if it causes the least bit of inconvenience then there should be a law against it (and the obligatory formation of a new government agency.) And, unfortunately for Christians, the gentle ethics and morals of Jesus Christ are indeed a little inconvenient. Why how can you properly enjoy the NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) with some bozo Deity telling you that it is wrong to rape children!

The second reason is subtler. Many Liberals are fundamentally unhappy people. To their minds, children singing Christmas carols is not harmless enjoyment but a bitter reminder of the Christmas when they were 8 and only got a bunch of hemp necklaces from their parents.

In the Liberal mind set EVERYTHING annoys and offends them. When they see us happy and celebrating it drives them crazy! We are being ignorant and self centered by not dwelling on the ills of the world around us How can we be happy when in the Amazon there are actually three endangered species of mud slime. If only everyone could have a Masters Degree from Vasser then instead of Christmas, we could all sit around and cry for a day about all the times Starbuck's was out of raw sugar for our lattes.

The third reason for the movement to relegate Christmas to the “ash heap of history” is the Liberals’ actual fear of Christianity and Jesus Christ. Liberals feel threatened by Christmas and Jesus, and well they should. Our Judeo-Christian heritage is more than just the faith of Americans; it is the bedrock upon which our entire nation was built. The values of respecting your neighbor and his property, working hard to improve yourself, and seeking justice through law rather than violence are hallmarks of our faith. And we should be very proud of this fact. The strength and success of America and its citizens all flow from this one source. So Christmas is more than a religious holiday, it is a celebration of our way of life

That is why Liberals attack this holiday.

The assault will continue. Liberals will use any method at their disposal to push Christmas out of mainstream America. He it is not bogus accusations over the separation of church and state, them it will be weirdo Wiccan who claims that cut Christmas trees feel pain.

Every American Christian should go out in their front yard and hang up as many Christmas lights as their roofs will hold. We should only frequent businesses with even a little bit of garland. And we must DEMAND of elected officials to stand up and respect an official national holiday commemorating the beliefs of 95% its population with a NATIVITY SCENE.

I do not know what it is about that baby in the manger, but it seams that every enemy of freedom seams to have hated Jesus. American Liberals fear him so much that they cannot stand the sight of even a cardboard but out of him! But that is all right, they are in good company. The Nazis banned Nativity Scenes too.

Justin Darr

Posted by blog/justindarr at 11:42 AM EST
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What Hillary Really Wants
I am going to need everyone to sit down for a moment and take a deep breath. What I have to say may shock, dare I say offend some of you. Hillary Clinton wants to be President of the United States in 2004. “WHAT!!! Shut up, Justin, stop talking crazy! Why, Hillary promised to fill her entire term as New York Senator before she moved on to other endeavors, which may not include higher political office” (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). “To say that she would violate the trust of the good people of New York for political gain is a complete insult to this fine woman. Just look at the high ethical and moral standards that her husband and brother have championed, and you will see just what kind of person Hillary is!” (Is the saying you can take the trash out of the trailer park, but not the trailer park out of the trash; or the other way around?) “Hillary has spent over 21 dog years living and working with New Yorkers, raising and nurturing three goldfish, and positively impacting the lives of literally dozens of friends and political insiders.” Unfortunately, I am going to have to inject some good old-fashioned Conservative Reality into your Socialist Utopia La-La Land fantasy, my Liberal friends. Barring anything truly unusual (al la Frank Lautenberg, Walter Mondale, and that dead guy who beat John Ashcroft,) Hillary WILL NOT RUN IN 2004. Why? Because, Hillary while being many things, is not stupid. She knows she would lose. Trends are trends; the economy has turned the corner and will be booming by the time the Election rolls around and the regular American voter is too sophisticated to fall for the Iraq/Vietnam padlum. And, as many people forget, George W. Bush first set himself apart in the 2000 Republican primaries with his amazing fundraising abilities. I do not even have to mention the embarrassing behavior and comments of the Democrats over the last two years that will haunt whoever wins the Democratic nomination. Any intelligent person will see that this combination of facts WILL give George W. Bush a second term. However, Hillary’s ambitions are not so shallow. In the past, he has seen her husband, Bill, win, lose, and then rewin the Governor’s seat in Arkansas, and numerous other political difficulties. She has learned PATIENCE AND TIMING in her political experience, and how to manipulate events to yield results years in advance. Trust me, she is using all of her skills right now. I would hate to play chess with this woman! (My 9-year-old son can beat me, too.) Hillary does not want to run against George W. Bush. She wants to run against the Republican who runs for President AFTER Bush’s second term. Let’s face it, Dick Cheney is not going to run for President. And since Bush has stated that he does not have plans to select a new Vice President for his second term, in 2008 we are looking at something almost unprecedented in American history; a completely open field Presidential Election. Imagine, an election where there IS NO Presidential legacy or record for either Party to support or attack. The bottom line is that the 2008 election will be a watershed election event in America. The last time anything close to this happened was in 1980 when Ronald Reagan took office, and the Liberals have been in a dither ever since! 2008 will then represent the best opportunity for Hillary to first WIN, and second to actually establish the lasting political legacy that she wants but her philandering husband screwed up. The only thing that can get in the way of Hillary’s plan is a DEMOCRAT beating Bush. This would mess up her time line, and force her to wait until maybe 2012 to be elected President (or a little sooner if the next Democratic President gets impeached, too.) So now we can clearly see why Hillary is parading around Iowa and backing General Clark. She just wants to make sure that her Democratic counterparts all lose! She knows that she is the most marketable Democratic name in America, and aside from some stilted FDR-esque speech at the Convention, she will do nothing but continue to undermine the Democratic candidates. IF she can keep the attention on herself, she just might win in 2008. So, my friends be wary! We are up against an opponent who plays for the long term. All I can say is CONNIE RICE IN 2008! Justin Darr

Posted by blog/justindarr at 11:41 AM EST
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The Grand Plan
So, our public school systems have run amuck. Nothing is new in this, it has been happening for over 30 years so by this time we should be used to it. Conservatives must begin to change their thinking from IF the liberals are using the public schools as tools of social reengineering, to HOW and WHY. This will be to the chagrin of the liberal teachers unions who would rather keep us occupied with endless semantics over lack of funding and multicultural sensitivity training. All the while, they are left free to indoctrinate yet another generation of Howard Dean supporter drones. Now, first let me stress that I am not a conspiracy nut. There is no "left wing" conspiracy (I was told so at my Vast Right Wing Conspiracy general meeting/hoagie sale). However there is a fundamental commonality of thought that states that their ideas are so right and necessary that any means are justified in accomplishing them. Try to stop them and you do not just have a differing opinion, but are a roadblock to their Grand Plan of remodeling society and humanity into the perfect secular humanist collective. A place where there is no right or wrong beyond what the "elite" tell us, and nobody has any interest beyond their own personal satisfaction. Who would care about the rulings of federal judges when you are busy updating your library of kiddy porn or harvesting your new crop of "medicinal marijuana" for "Grandpa?" An uniformed and relatively apathetic electorate is just not the goal of the left but the PREREQUISITE for their goals. Right now, too many people care and pay attention. Too many of us do not feel like members of oppressed factions. Too many of us have the intelligence to know when the powerful are wrong. Since changing the opinions of reasonable adults is a hard process, full of lots of "oppressive" questions (which usually requires factual answers backed by, OUCH! evidence,) the left finds it much easier to mould our children. The fact is as simple as this; our children are being poorly educated because that is how the left wants it. The new century's voters must be functionally illiterate and apathetic. Otherwise, the left will never succeed! If you want to help the public schools, the left will say to increase spending. Hey! Teachers deserve all the money in the world for being the future socialist utopia's foot soldiers! And all the other money can go to build new bleachers for the football field or a $10,000 multicultural landfill refuse mural honoring the high infant mortality rates in the 3rd world before the oppressive invasion of Western medicine. That should be enough for the already indoctrinated. If not the teacher's unions tell us that we can always "choose" private school (if you have anything left after school taxes). At least then, the brainwashing will be delayed until college. Justin Darr

Posted by blog/justindarr at 11:40 AM EST
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