Jeff Hardy is here and will be the next WWE champ lets give him what he needs US his fans go Jeff!!

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Hey guys this is John and im a huge Jeff fan this is his site for him we will have videos and pics check em

If you like jeff these are a must see,please bear with me this is my first site ever so welcome and here we go!!!

WWE Homepage
Jeff Hardy Bio From WWE

As you can tell by those links this is a great man now look at these videos =)

May God bless all of our troops and everyone over in Iraq i pray that the war will be over soon and friends please join me is this we need you help
This light will burn untill they come home and we hope thats soon God bless you for looking at this and God bless our troops
Please visit this website above by clicking the flame,spread the light use it in your email our troops need us NOW not a year not a month not a day but NOW more then ever
Im not sure of this but i know for a fact Jeff cares about the troops im not sure if he wants them home now or not but be like Jeff SUPPORT THEM TODAY CLICK THE LINK
I have came to this,this site has been made for Jeff Hardy but here is a link to my USA site please visit this