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Here are some pictures of me and my friends! Click on the name for the picture to appear in a new window.

Grad Pictures
Graduating Class of 2003 (June 27, 2003)
Kerry, Jessica and Jeremy (June 27, 2003)

Friends Pictures
Jessica and Nadine at Kelsey's Restaurant (March 2002)
My dog, Rachel (July 9, 2003)

Drama Pictures
Yearbook (April 2000)
The Idiot and the Oddity (April 2001)
The WORST High School Play in the World (November 2002)
Attack of the Giant Grasshoppers (March 2003)

My Room Makeover(2003)
What my room looked like when I arrived (July 5, 2002)
When I was done (July 6, 2003)

Have pictures that you want up here? Just send them to me!!