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Thursday, July 10, 2003
First day open! Technically, it still sucks, but I still got content! Anyways, I'm just killing space at the moment - blah - blah - blah! God, work was hell today!! I wish I had a more exciting job, with more exciting people, people who are closer to my own age and don't have kids my sister's age!! I've already worked two days, I don't know how I can last six weeks. I'm actually looking forward to university, rather than this. I don't know about this province, but for some odd reason, it gives me the chills. Maybe because after being here for most of my life, I still can't find it in me to call it home. My room doesn't even feel like my room and everyone knows how much that can suck! Okay, enough complaining, I sound like a big moper, if that's even a word. If it is, I doubt I spelled it right. I think I've taken up enough room now anyways. However, I want to complain about one more thing: my head hurts like hell! The doctors told me it was just migranes, but all I really want to do is take a hammer to my head because that would have to be less painful than what I have!! They gave me all these stupid drugs so now all I do is sleep, work, sleep, work, and work on my mindless site. Goodbye mindless site! I think I'll go to sleep now.
~ Jessica ~